Reasons You Should Renovate Your Pool Now

Reasons You Should Renovate Your Pool Now

Reasons You Should Renovate Your Pool Now

When looking in your backyard, your swimming pool area should be the primary focus if you are a pool owner. When looking at your pool area, what you see should not cause you stress but bring you feelings of peace and relaxation. Therefore, there is no better time than now to begin planning a full remodel to prepare your swimming area for the coming summer season. Our experts on pool renovation in Orlando offer these reasons you should renovate your swimming pool now.

Your pool is damaged.

Every swimming pool comes into contact with ultraviolet rays, weather exposure, and harsh chemicals that can cause severe damage over time. Whether you own a concrete pool or have a vinyl pool liner, wrinkles, deterioration, stretching or slipping, and cracks are incredibly problematic. The main problem resulting from any of these issues is leaks. It would be best to repair pool leaks immediately to avoid further damages and ensure your family's safety.

You like saving money.

Swimming pool renovations can save you money by making your pool more energy efficient. For example, installing small energy-efficient pool pumps to replace your big pool pumps can save you nearly 80% off of the energy costs incurred from pumping your pool. Another great way to save money is to invest in a solar pool cover. You can significantly reduce your monthly pool heating bill by using the power of the sun to heat your pool water.

You want added safety.

Safety is a significant concern for you if you have small children who come to your pool often. Never let children swim in the pool alone to avoid drowning or injury dangers. You should also install a fence around the outside of your pool to prevent any tragedies or accidents. A pool fence should be at least 4 feet tall and be separated from your home. In addition, install a self-closing and self-locking gate as added precautions for your pool area. You can also prevent children from having injuries or accidents by installing underwater motion swimming alarms and pool gate alarms to alert you when someone is in the area.

Your current design is outdated.

It does not feel luxurious to swim in an outdated pool. On the contrary, most people prefer swimming in a pool that is closer to resort quality. You can reinvent your swimming pool's appearance significantly by changing the tiles, liner, or interior resurfacing. This type of renovation is inexpensive and fast and will keep your swimming pool looking fun and appealing to swimmers. Then, when pool season rolls around, you will not regret the investment you made in improving your pool's appearance.

You want to add fun, new features.

You can improve the appearance and comfort of your pool area by adding innovative pool design features. For example, add a shallow, safe place for kids to play or for you to tan by having a versatile ledge called a sun shelf added to your pool. Other features available to update your pool area include
sheer descents to add dramatic focal points without increasing noise or deck jets to add beautiful water arches.

No matter the reason you want to update your swimming pool area, our professionals on pool renovation in Orlando offer you the experience and expertise to get the job done, right. Call us today.