Three Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Pool Liner

Three Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Pool Liner

Three Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Pool Liner

Whether you have noticed a few wear and tear issues or you spot a gaping hole in your pool liner, it may be time for you to get the liner replaced.  Pool liners are not meant to last if the swimming pool itself, as it will suffer from wear and tear over the years.  As experts in pool renovation in Orlando, we can replace the interior of your pool by either changing the liner or resurfacing with a different material.  This depends on your needs and budget.  These are a few signs that indicate it may be time for you to replace your pool liner.

The Liner Slipped out of the Track

Have you noticed that the liner keeps slipping out the track that holds it in place?  This issue is a tell-tale sign that it is nearing the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced.  Many experts call this issue a ‘liner pull’ and it often indicates an issue with the coping.  A few things can be going on here.  Either your liner is losing its stretch, or the liner is pulled too tightly.  Eventually, this can cause the liner to fall out of the track or even tear completely.  When there is so much stress on the coping track, it can be even crack the track itself, which is often made from aluminum or PVC.  When this happens, it may be best to just replace the entire pool liner.  

The Color of the Liner is Faded

Although fading colors may not actually indicate that it is time for a complete liner replacement, they can indicate issues that need to be addressed.  They also indicate that the liner is getting older and nearing the end of its lifespan.  Exposure to UV light will speed up the color fading process unless you have UV inhibitors in the vinyl you chose, which will add protection and slow this process.  When you notice that the liner color is fading above the waterline, you may have to replace it sooner rather than later.  

There Are Issues with the Skimmer Flanges

The return and skimmer flanges in your pool liner may show issues that indicate it is time for a replacement.  For example, they may show wrinkles in the liner, bumps underneath the liner, or visible rust stains.  This an indicate the flange itself is failing.  Also, the older the pool liner is, the more extreme these issues will become.  One of the tell-tale signs that indicate you need to replace your entire pool liner is if water is escaping the pool at the returns or the skimmer.  

These are three signs that could indicate that you need to resurface your swimming pool or replace the entire pool liner.  To keep your pool working properly and looking great, you will want to work with a trusted expert in pool renovation in Orlando.  Contact All Phase Pool Remodeling to hear how we can help you today.