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Pool Renovation: All you need to know

There is nothing sadder than an old abandoned pool in the garden of a family home. If you do not maintain a pool properly, it slowly begins to fall apart and soon becomes unusable. A renovation is a necessary and essential step in the life of a swimming pool. One day or another, it will need a refurbishment.

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Common Pool Renovation Ideas in Orlando

A pool just like a building suffers the damage of time. After a few years, you may have to deal with sealing problems or malfunctioning of the filtration system. If this is the case, a renovation is overdue.

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Top Cheap Pool Renovation Ideas To Consider

Because of the high temperatures in Orlando, most homes have a swimming pool. It is important to ensure that your swimming pool is always in optimal condition and often there is always the need to carry out repairs. Pool renovation in Orlando is something that happens quite frequently and there are many ways to get it done within budget.

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Things To Consider Before Pool Remodeling Project

Pool Remodeling is needed at least every ten years after the last remodeling. While you have to remodel your pool after a while to keep it in good shape and working order, there are some other reasons to carry out remodeling. You may want to add some new features to your swimming pool, make it look modern and beautiful, or expand your swimming pool. Pool remodeling for any of these reasons, requires considerable preparation to effectively carry out the works involved.

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This is the time of year that it becomes hectic, not only for the holidays but for pool renovation and remodeling. No better time to get some work on your pool, spa, deck and equipment when they are not in use as much. If you are looking to have some work on your pool area done give us a call- we offer everything from special hand-troweled surfaces to pavers to pool heaters, pumps, filter systems and salt systems.

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When is it time to resurface, repaint, or refinish a pool interior?

There are a the tell-tale signs...A noticeable deterioration of the surface- spots of material missing, pitting and staining beyond chemical cleaning, and surface cracks start appearing. How often the pool needs to be resurface depends on the material used and maintenance of the chemicals...

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Pool Heaters- Gas, Solar or Electric?

Choosing a heater for your pool and/or spa can raise a few questions. What is the most efficient?
What offers the best options for my family? What size heater is best for pool and/or spa?

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WetEdge Technologies- Innovation using the finest stone from around the world

Video speaks for itself- great product, outstanding warranty!

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