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WetEdge Technologies

WetEdge Technologies

As the most innovative pool finish manufacturer in the industry, Wet Edge Technologies® brings the vibrant elegance and durability of nature to your pool floor. Their cutting edge aggregate pool finish is the smart alternative to traditional white plaster finishes, offering superior strength and durability and a wide array of styles and colors, making them the perfect choice for your swimming pool resurfacing or new pool construction.
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From the shores of Chile to the beaches of New Zealand, they've traveled the globe to source stones that offer the perfect balance of strong mineral composition, color, size and texture so that your pool finish will maintain its vibrant luster and structural integrity for years to come.
CLI Industries

CLI Sunstone

Transform an ordinary pool into a work of art with SunStone® quartz pool finishes. This remarkable formula will add a sparkle to any pool, and it’s as hard and as tough as any pool surface available today.
SunStone is a combination of durable quartz aggregate and enhanced Portland cement, accented with colored quartz aggregate. The result? A magnificent pool finish that not only looks great but resists the effects of degradation. SunStone’s wide array of colors and textures make it ideal for pools, spas and water designs in any environment.
Long lasting, easy to install, beautiful to behold – that’s SunStone.
CLI Sunstone
CLI Sunstone
CLI Sunstone

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