Winter Storm Pool Prep and Recovery: Ensure Your Pool Is Safe During Harsh Weather

Winter Storm Pool Prep and Recovery: Ensure Your Pool Is Safe During Harsh Weather

Winter Storm Pool Prep and Recovery: Ensure Your Pool Is Safe During Harsh Weather


Winter storms can be brutal, and your pool is no exception. You must take precautionary measures to ensure your pool is safe during harsh weather conditions. If you have an outdoor pool, you must be well-prepared for these conditions. And if the storm has already passed, it's time to start your pool's recovery process. In this post, we'll discuss some important steps you should take to get your pool winter-ready, and what steps you should take after the storm has passed.


1. Prepare Before the Storm Hits

If you live in an area prone to winter storms, it's important to do everything you can to prepare your pool before the storm hits. The first step is to remove any debris from your pool and its surrounding areas. This includes items like leaves, branches, furniture, and anything else that could be carried by the wind and cause damage. You should also lower the water level of your pool to prevent flooding from excessive rainfall.

To prevent your pool's surface from cracking during cold weather, it's recommended to add a winterizing agent before winter begins. This could be a winter algaecide or a winter conditioner that will help protect your pool from freezing temperatures.

2. After the Storm

After the storm, your pool may have suffered some damages, such as fallen trees, power outages, or damages to your pool equipment. It's important to assess the damages and fix them as soon as possible.

One of the primary concerns after the storm is removing debris from your pool. If you have a pool cover, remove the debris from the cover before removing the actual cover. This will prevent the debris from falling into the pool. Don't try to drain your pool entirely, as this could cause further damages. Your pool may already be partially drained from the storm, so it should be safe to proceed with cleaning.

Check all of your pool equipment to ensure it hasn't been damaged during the storm. You may also need to adjust the water chemistry, as the storm could have affected the pH level and other chemical levels in your pool.

3. Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your pool properly throughout the winter can help prevent damages that may occur during the harsh weather conditions. This includes monitoring your pool's chemistry, keeping the water at an appropriate level, and cleaning out your pool's filter regularly. If you live in areas with frequent storms, consider upgrading your pool equipment to more durable versions.

4. Consult Professionals for Pool Remodeling

If your pool has suffered significant damages that can't be repaired, it may be time to consider pool remodeling in Jacksonville, FL. This could include new finishing, resurfacing, or installing new features like a waterfall or a new pool deck. All Phase Pool Remodeling is here to help you with all of your pool renovation needs. Contact us for free estimates and let us help you turn your pool into your own personal paradise.



Winter storms can be tough on your pool, but taking necessary precautions beforehand and following the right procedures afterward can help keep your pool safe. Regular maintenance also helps prevent damages. If you live in areas prone to winter storms, upgrading your pool equipment may be necessary. If remodeling becomes necessary, contact All Phase Pool Remodeling for the best free estimates and pool renovation services in Jacksonville, FL. Let us help make your pool safe and beautiful all year round.