How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Crystal Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Crystal Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Crystal Clear


Owning a pool can be a wonderful addition to any home. But, it also comes with responsibility. One of the most important things you have to do as a pool owner is to maintain your pool’s filter. The filter is responsible for keeping your pool clean and crystal clear all summer long. In this blog post, we’ll discuss pool filter care so that you can enjoy your pool more and worry less about pool maintenance.


1. Clean Your Filter Regularly

One of the most crucial aspects of pool filter care is to clean your filter regularly. Dirty filters won’t work efficiently, and the more debris that accumulates on the filter, the more work there is for your pool’s filtration system. This will not only increase the chances that your pool’s water will turn cloudy, but it can also damage your filter in the long run. It’s recommended to clean your filter at least once a month, but more if you notice the pool becoming cloudy.

2. Replace Your Filter’s Cartridge or Sand

Filters either use a cartridge or sand as its filter medium. It is important to know which type of filter your pool is equipped with. The filter cartridge should be replaced at least once a year, depending on your pool’s usage.  Similarly, the sand in your filter may also need to be changed once every five to seven years. Don’t ignore this, or it may lead to costly pool repairs.

3. Proper Maintenance

Giving your filter a little TLC by performing a few maintenance steps regularly will ensure the efficient operation of the filter, extension of its life and less pool repairs. Fiberglass or DE filters need a thorough inspection, such as checking the O-rings and manifolds at least once a year to ensure that there are no cracks or signs of wear and tear. To prevent issues, you can use a filter cleaner to sanitize and keep the filter running smoothly.

4. Leave the Big Work to Professionals

While you can perform simple maintenance tasks on your own, it’s still important to hire professionals for major pool repairs in Jacksonville, FL. Call a certified pool professional in your area for professional inspection and pool repair if you feel that your taking care of the pool is not making much of a difference.

5. Be Cautious of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as storms can damage your pool equipment, including your filter and pump systems. What may seem to be a minor issue can be a significant cause of concern and result in costly repairs or even replacement. It’s best to have a professional evaluate the damage as soon as possible. If you are in Jacksonville, FL, reach out to All Phase Pool Remodeling, the premier pool repair and remodeling company in the city.



Taking care of your pool filter is a crucial aspect of maintaining your pool's cleanliness. A well-maintained filter will keep your pool water crystal clear and free from debris, keeping your family safe and enjoying the refreshing pool. Cleaning your filter regularly, replacing your cartridge or sand every so often, performing regular maintenance, leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals, and being careful of natural disasters go a long way to ensure the longevity of your pool's filter. If you need advice and assistance on pool repairs in Jacksonville, FL, contact All Phase Pool Remodeling for free estimate.