A Guide to Saving Money on Your Pool Renovation

A Guide to Saving Money on Your Pool Renovation

A Guide to Saving Money on Your Pool Renovation


Pool renovation is a necessary task to maintain and enhance the beauty and functionality of your pool. However, it can be expensive, especially if you don't plan properly. The good news is that there are ways to save money while still achieving the desired results. In this blog, we'll share some tips to help you keep the costs of your pool renovation in Port Orange, FL, within your budget. 


1. Set a Budget Before You Start 

Before you begin renovating your pool, you need to set a budget for the project. Determine how much you can afford and allocate the funds accordingly. Having a budget will help you stay on track and avoid overspending. You can work with a pool professional to come up with a realistic budget that will help you achieve your renovation goals. 

2. Consider Partial Renovation 

If your pool is still in good condition, you may not need to do a full renovation. You can opt for a partial renovation, where you only address the areas that need improvement. For example, if the tiles are fine, but the pool plaster needs repair, you can focus on plaster repair only. Partial renovations are cheaper and faster, helping you save time and money. 

3. Opt for Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment 

Upgrading to energy-efficient pool equipment is an effective way to save money on your pool renovation in the long run. It may require upfront costs, but they will pay off in the form of lower energy bills. Choose equipment like variable-speed pool pumps and LED pool lights that consume less energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

4. Consider Inexpensive Pool Finish Options 

There are various pool finish options available that are affordable and can result in significant savings. Instead of going for expensive tile or stone finishes, you can opt for pebble, exposed aggregate, or plaster finishes, which are less expensive. These finishes are also durable and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about frequent repairs. 

5. Work with a Reputable Pool Renovation Company 

It's crucial to work with a reputable pool renovation company that has experience in providing quality services at reasonable prices. Research and compare different companies in Port Orange, FL, before hiring one. Ask for referrals, check reviews, and ask for a detailed quotation before starting the project. A reliable company will help you stay within your budget while delivering high-quality results.  



Pool renovation is an investment that can add value to your property, but it doesn't have to break the bank. By following these tips, you can save money on your pool renovation project while still achieving your desired results. Remember to set a budget, consider partial renovation, opt for energy-efficient equipment, choose inexpensive finish options, and work with a reputable pool renovation company. If you need help with your pool renovation in Port Orange, FL, contact All Phase Pool Remodeling for free estimates.