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Three Pool Remodeling Additions

Three Pool Remodeling Additions

Three Pool Remodeling Additions

Are you considering having your pool renovated? The addition of a tanning ledge, water feature, or fire bowl can aid in modernizing your swimming site and take it to an advanced level of functionality and fashion. Adding upgrades like these is usually within the discipline and experience of most pool professionals. However, some experienced contractors may not present them as alternatives, generally because they require numerous phases of construction that are complicated and expensive. Including them while installing a new pool is usually more convenient and affordable. But a pool makeover is usually a separate case. Many elements determine if these extras are reasonable from an expense standpoint.

By understanding what a swimming area renovation entails, you are better positioned to evaluate your budget and examine potential alternatives with a contractor. All Phase Pool Remodeling is a dependable source for pool renovation in Orlando. Call us now to discuss options for updating your pool.

Tanning ledges

Though a tanning shelf may not be as visually spectacular as fire or water features, they deliver usefulness and comfort. Made famous by luxury resorts, tanning ledges are solid spans inside the pool's perimeter, resembling wide shallow benches or steps. An assortment of shapes is possible based on your existing pool's dimensions and design.

Tanning ledges are called Baja benches or sun shelves and generally range from 4 to 10 feet in length and several feet wide. The dimensions, partnered with a shallow depth, make them perfect for lying in the water without submerging your body and gaining full access to the sunshine. They also offer shallow areas for kids and pets to enjoy without being submerged in water. A tanning ledge delivers convenience, comfort, and functionality for powerful backyard leisure.

Fire bowls

Adding a fire bowl to your outdoor pool provides an exciting flair. Concrete fire bowls are prefabricated containers that are commonly square or round. Most designs measure from 24 to 48 inches across. Customized dimensions, forms, and fashions of fire elements are also available at a higher price.

Most fire features have a line for propane or natural gas that connects to an igniter tool for fueling the blaze. While some fire features are manually lit, an alternative is to regulate the flame intensity remotely or incorporate it into your pool management system. It is essential to mention that adding fire elements requires a contractor to attach to utility lines, like gas or electric cables, to fuel the fire bowl. These lines go underground, and if you desire a remote control for your fire bowl, this requires a conduit running from the element to the electric cable near the pool equipment area. The exception is a manually controlled gas-powered fire bowl that you can trigger without a line for an electrical line. If the bowl location is around an existing gas line, you may avoid removing part of the pool patio for installation.

Water features

Introducing a water feature to your pool area can provide an element of attractiveness and excitement. There are various options for water features, including deck jets, cascade waterfalls, and rock waterfalls. In accompaniment to the magnificence a water feature offers, it can also deliver tranquil sounds of descending or running water, depending on design, height, and size.

When adding water elements to your pool, specific requirements should exist to justify the cost and the endeavor. For example, any water element requires a plumbing pipe to feed it. In most cases, a line will need a trough in the ground to shield it and hold it out of view. If your pool contractor plans to dig a channel to add gas or electric lines for different renovation purposes, like grills, patio lights, or speakers, you can reasonably manage the cost. This makes it painless to use the same span and add to the plumbing pipes to slash installation costs.

Contact us today for pool renovation in Orlando. We want to make your pool better.