Four Pool Remodeling Basics

Four Pool Remodeling Basics

Four Pool Remodeling Basics

Your swimming pool is a refuge. It is more than merely a place to lie down and relax. It is a haven, and you want it to keep looking and feeling like a resort for years to come. But can you remodel your old swimming pool so it looks and functions like new? Our professionals on pool renovation in Orlando will advise you on just how you can accomplish that. Following are some basic tips for pool remodeling that you need to understand if you want to ensure that the experts are doing a fine job with it:

Taking Measurements

First of all, let's start with taking measurements of your existing structure. These will need to be taken before remodeling and must be 100% correct. There is zero room for error here, and they should include the height of your pool wall, the angle of the floor incline, and the depth of the pool and step areas.

Changing The Shape Of Your Swimming Pool

Pool contractors often claim that there is little you can do about the shape of your pool. If you hear this from your pool renovation professionals, it is time to call somebody else. The truth is that you can very easily alter the shape of your swimming pool. However, you will discover that the more distinctive the shape is in most circumstances, the more expensive the affair will be. A more extreme change in the form of your swimming pool will cost you more capital and require more hard work and a lot more time. If you hope to change the appearance of your pool, you can also add new steps or some water features within the pool for added appeal instead of changing its shape.

What Can You Do To Replace Your Pool Walls?

Our experts on pool renovation in Orlando need to comprehensively evaluate your swimming pool before they can make any changes to its walls. First, a pool professional must examine the entire space to decide whether or not they can salvage any of the walls. You will need a reasonably sound foundation behind the pool wall in some circumstances if you need to replace the walls on your pool. Other times, you may not have a stable foundation, and the expert may recommend you empty the pool immediately.

Moving Your Water Pump And Filter To A New Location

Yes, pool renovation professionals can also do this. Ask a professional about the whole procedure, and they will advise you on the best time to move your pump and pool water filter system to a new location. The perfect time would be when you plan a renovation of your house. Generally, experts will recommend you put the pump and filter in an area where it is negligibly visible or audible but is still readily accessible. For example, you can choose a spot on the side of your home or behind a shed.

These are just a few pool remodeling basics to consider. Contact us today if you need a pool renovation in Orlando. We are here for you.