5 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Swimming Pool

5 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Swimming Pool

5 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Swimming Pool

The sweltering heat can overwhelm people and alter their moods and health. When it begins to warm up outside, many will flock to local swimming holes to stay warm and beat the sizzling heat. You, however, have your own private oasis in your backyard. While having your own swimming pool can come with many advantages, you will also have a hazard in the backyard that requires some changes or updates of a pool renovation in Orlando to enhance safety.

In studies conducted in 2016, more than 3,500 people lost their lives by drowning. Children were the majority of these losses, and these were all considered preventable deaths. In order to prevent such tragedies, enhance the safety of your swimming pool with these tips:

5 Pool Safety Tips

There are many ways to enhance the safety of your swimming pool. Before going into these 5 tips, it should go without saying that you should NEVER leave children to swim by themselves. No matter how old anyone is, swimming alone is a safety hazard on its own.

Build a Fence for Your Pool

Fences offer privacy and comfort for your backyard and property. Building a fence around your pool can keep kids and unwanted guests out of your pool when you are not present to supervise. Make sure that gates to the pool open outwards. They should also close, and latch, by themselves. If the pool is above ground, make sure that the steps/ladder are enclosed.

Rid Yourself of The Diving Board

One of the biggest injury risks for swimming pools are diving boards. Slipping and causing blunt force trauma to the head and body are common. Slides are also considered to be risks to safety. If you prefer not to remove them, close them off until someone is able to supervise the use of these pool features.

Daily Maintenance & Inspection

One of the biggest safety tips that can be followed is to follow a regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance of your pool and the area surrounding it.

Properly Store Chemicals

Make sure all pool chemicals are stored behind a locked door. Using a maintenance closet or garage to keep them away from kids, pets, and weather will reduce hazards.

Set Pool Rules

Make sure you set and enforce rules for your pool that keep safety in mind. Post these rules for everyone to see. This may seem childish and trivial, but a lot can be avoided by reminding children not to run or jump in the pool. Rules set guidelines that help reduce injury and hazards.

A Few More Practical Tips for Pool Safety

While the above tips are great guidelines to follow to enhance pool safety, there is always more you can do. Here are a few bonus tips:

  • Learn CPR
  • Teach children to swim
  • Keep first aid kits on hand
  • Have rescue devices near the pool

If you are looking to add safety features to your swimming pool, contact our professionals in pool renovation in Orlando to discuss your needs today!