5 Pool Makeover Projects That Won’t Cost a Fortune

5 Pool Makeover Projects That Won’t Cost a Fortune

5 Pool Makeover Projects That Won’t Cost a Fortune

A complete swimming pool renovation is usually a great use of time and money if you plan to stay in your home for the long term and regularly use your swimming pool. On the other hand, if you prefer to take on smaller swimming pool improvement projects, we have some great recommendations based on our experience repairing, maintaining, and remodeling pools for decades. Our top recommendations for pool renovation in Orlando include:

Upgrading to an automated system

As technology evolves and enhances our lives and homes, swimming pools also see some new state-of-the-art technology. Imagine owning an automatic pool cover, robotic pool cleaner, or all-in-one pool automation system you can control in the palm of your hand through a smartphone. Just a decade ago, our parents might have thought these options were foolish nonsense, but today they are a reality. Many of these options can even be retrofitted for use in older model swimming pools. Contact a pool renovation specialist today to find out how you can upgrade your pool with new, automated technology.

Updating for energy-efficiency

Making your swimming pool less costly to operate with advanced technology is smart. For example, consider installing a variable speed pool pump that uses less energy and may qualify you for a tax break or utility company rebate. Other excellent options include energy-efficient pool filters and solar-powered lights and heaters. Call your pool remodeling specialist today to learn how energy-efficient elements can save you money and keep your swimming pool updated.

Installing LED lighting

Many swimming pools have basic lighting elements and floodlights in the yard that are a bit outdated. Consider updating your lighting elements to LED versions. Just like in your home, LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options and tend to last much longer before needing to be replaced. Updating your pool lighting is a low-cost way to transform your ordinary pool into a beautiful oasis. LED swimming pool lights are available in various colors to enhance the ambiance of your swimming pool area. Contact your pool renovation specialist today to learn how LED lighting can benefit you.

Resurfacing or replastering

Resurfacing or replastering your swimming pool is an excellent option when you have a larger budget available for swimming pool improvements. Both options will improve the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool while replacing an uneven or worn pool surface. Older pools are usually designed with a standard plaster finish that you can update with a more popular aggregate finish available in many colors and styles. In addition, adding stones or quartz to the surface of your pool is an excellent option for pool surface upgrades. Contact your pool remodeling specialist to learn how resurfacing or replastering your swimming pool surface can benefit your property value and aesthetic appeal.

Updating waterline tiles

Updating your waterline tiles is a simple project that can make your pool more appealing and beautiful, especially if your existing tile is broken, stained, or worn. There are countless contemporary and modern tile materials and designs to choose from to easily update your swimming pool's look.

Try one of these projects for your pool renovation in Orlando. Call us now for more information to get your project completed before swimming season is in full effect.