4 Tips for Pool Renovation to Make the Most of Your Investment

4 Tips for Pool Renovation to Make the Most of Your Investment

4 Tips for Pool Renovation to Make the Most of Your Investment

Many homeowners dream of spending a lazy day beside the pool soaking up the sun and reading their favorite book or magazine. In reality, though, pool maintenance usually requires hard work. Pools also need periodic repairs to keep them in optimal working condition. Sometimes, when you own a swimming pool, you realize pool renovation in Orlando is in order.

There are various reasons to remodel your swimming pool area. Sometimes you want to add new, fun features to make your pool more enjoyable for users. Other times, you may want to upgrade the swimming area to add more value to your property. We want to give you some tips for renovating your pool to make the most of your investment, no matter the reason. Sooner or later, your pool area will benefit from renovations. Here are some signs that pool renovation might be beneficial.

Swimming pool leaks

When you notice a drop off of your swimming pool’s water levels that are not a result of a vast pool party or natural evaporation, your pool probably leaks somewhere. It is essential to address a leaking swimming pool as quickly as possible before it evolves into a massive, messy problem that costs you an arm and a leg to repair. Contact a pool renovation right away to pinpoint the issue and help you explore options for fixing the problem.

Aging mechanical systems

Swimming pool equipment like the pump, filter, and plumbing elements are essential for keeping your pool in optimum working condition. If these elements start to show signs of aging or extreme wear and tear, it is crucial to replace them to keep your system running well. Failure to address the problem early might lead to severe delays in your seasonal swimming fun. Spring is the perfect time to reach out to a professional to replace the mechanical systems of your swimming pool before the swimming season is in full effect.

Lack of safety features

If your pool cannot accommodate everyone who wants to use it, you might consider adding new safety features to help them get in and out of your pool quickly, like railings and ladders that meet the latest safety standards. If you have someone in your life with limited mobility that uses a wheelchair to get around, you might also want to install a lift to help them get in and out of the pool safely and comfortably.

In addition, if you don’t already have one, a pool fence is a good idea. Pool fences will keep people safe from wandering into your pool area unattended. This is particularly essential for protecting children, as many children drown unattended in pools every year. Contact a pool renovation specialist to get on their schedule before the swimming season is in full swing to add the safety features you desire.

Worn down fixtures and surfaces

Your pool’s lighting, decking, and tile can show significant wear with continued use over time. These are primarily aesthetic issues but can eventually lead to safety issues when not addressed in a timely fashion. For example, if you get a hole in your decking, someone may trip and fall walking in your pool area. Though this could be a funny moment in some situations where they fall into the pool unexpectedly and end up laughing about it, what if they get hurt? You do not want to risk someone hitting their head on the side of your pool as they fall in and being seriously injured, or worse, drowned. Address wear and tear quickly to keep your pool looking and functioning beautifully.

Use these tips to renovate your pool and get the most from your investment. And contact us today if you need pool renovation in Orlando. We are here for all your pool remodeling needs.