Four Tips for Selecting Your Pool Surface

Four Tips for Selecting Your Pool Surface

Four Tips for Selecting Your Pool Surface

Are you tired of looking at your old and outdated swimming pool?  Do you want to choose high quality materials when it's time to resurface your existing swimming pool?  A pool renovation in Orlando requires making many choices about the new style and quality of your backyard and its features.  Not only do you need to choose materials for inside the pool, but you also need to consider materials that will go alongside the pool as well.  When it comes to selecting the right materials to resurface your pool, these are a few tips that can help make the best decision.

Don't Compromise on Durability

Even though it may be easy to assume that the cheapest choice will help you meet your budget, you want to still be cautious of going this route to save money.  When you compromise on durability and quality, you can actually end up paying more money in the long run when you need patches, repairs, or replacements.  By investing in a more durable, high-quality material, you save yourself from this headache down the road.

Consider Overall Appearance

Before you make your choice, you want to determine what the overall appearance of your space will look like.  What style of swimming pool do you want?  If you want a more natural look, you may choose earth tone tiles or stone that fits in with the natural landscape.  If you want to go with a more modern appearance, you may choose bold colors and fine lines by using glass beads or tiles.

Consider Function

Are you creating a pool that will be used for swimming laps?  Do you have a lot of young swimmers that will enjoy the pool?  When you identify the function of your pool, you can choose materials that meet those needs.  For example, you may stray from using glass beads if you have kids that are going to be rough-housing and playing under the water each and every day.  Choose more durable, high-quality materials to ensure they can last with kids.

Think about the Overall Outdoor Space

Do you also want to add an entertaining space or a sauna to your outdoor oasis?  When it comes to creating the backyard of your dreams, you want to think of the big picture when you are remodeling your pool.   This means that you will want to choose materials that fit in with the color scheme and aesthetic of your entire backyard.  By adding a bonfire pit, BBQ area, or hot tub, you also want to consider the materials that fit in with these elements as well.

These are a few of the tips to follow when choosing the right materials to surface your swimming pool.  If you are tired of looking at an outdated pool in your backyard, it may be time an update.  Contact All Phase Pool Remodeling to start your pool renovation in Orlando today.