Three Common Types of Florida Pools

Three Common Types of Florida Pools

Three Common Types of Florida Pools

Are you interested in getting a new pool for your Florida backyard?  Have you recently moved into a home that needs a new pool?  Investing in a new pool or a pool renovation in Orlando takes a lot of thought and consideration.  Because you are already a pool owner, you likely have an idea of what you like and don't like about your swimming pool.  When it comes time to change out your pool, you want to choose the best one for your interests, maintenance concerns, space, and also function.  Here are some of the most common types of pools used in Florida backyards.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are great options for those who want complete control over the design, depth, shape, size, and features.  It is entirely customizable and tailored to each client and their needs.  When you choose to install a concrete swimming pool, you will also be able to add many upgraded features for design appeal, such as tiles, pebbles, or other appealing features.  Concrete pools are wildly popular for pool renovation in Orlando.  Many pool owners that have a vision of their backyard oasis are able to customize and design their concrete pool to their liking.  Although this may be more expensive, it provides the homeowner with complete creative control, which is an appealing aspect of the concrete swimming pool upgrade.

Fiberglass Pools

These are a popular option for pool owners that wish to have their pool done quickly without complication.  Many fiberglass pools also require less maintenance, because they prevent algae growth.  However, these pools are only offered in limited sizes and shapes, so they are less customizable then other swimming pool options.  They are great for families who want low maintenance but simple and elegant design.

Vinyl Liner Pools

This type of swimming pool is extremely popular because it is a cost-effective option.  Vinyl pools also allow for many custom designs in the liner, which is easy and quick to install.  Many people can install their vinyl pools within the time frame of one month.  However, these pools require maintenance and cleaning to keep the liner clean.  Also, the liner will likely need replaced a few years down the line, so you'll want to consider that expense when you purchase this pool.

These are some of the more popular types of swimming pools used for our Florida residences.  To choose the best one for you, you may want to consult the experts in pool renovation in Orlando.  Our expert design and construction team can work with you to find the best fit for your space and appeal.  Contact us to schedule a consultation and sit down with our design team today.