Pool Renovation Ideas to Stay on Budget

Pool Renovation Ideas to Stay on Budget

Pool Renovation Ideas to Stay on Budget

If you are feeling unhappy with your outdoor swimming pool or you constantly have to keep maintaining your pool to keep it in decent condition, it may be time to consider a pool renovation project.  Pool renovation in Orlando can increase the appearance of your pool while also lowering maintenance needs and keeping your pool safe for any swimmers.  However, it can be an expensive process.  There are a few suggestions and ideas that will help your pool renovation project stay on budget.

Add Lighting

A simple way to update the appearance of your pool while increasing the safety of nighttime swimming is to add lighting features.  Adding LED lighting to the area around your pool will help to provide your pool area with an ambience and welcoming environment.  You can also install LED lights below the surface of the water to help light up the swimming pool during a night swim.  Lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your pool and add your personal touch to your outdoor space.

Install Water Features

Water features are another great option for those who are looking for an appearance update.  Features like waterfalls, scuppers, sprayers, and fountains are often easy to install in an existing swimming pool.  They will help create motion and life around your swimming pool space, and they also provide extra entertainment for kids.  

Use Energy Efficient Materials and Equipment

When you are looking for simple and cost-effective options, you will absolutely want to consider energy efficient materials and equipment.  These can help you save money in the long run.  Equipment such as a solar panel heating system will help you save a lot of money on keeping your pool water cool all year long.  Energy efficient pool pumps will also help to save you money on bills to run your pool, and the purchase itself may even qualify for an energy rebate.

Invest in Smart Technology

Today, there are many materials and equipment to help maintain your pool easier and smarter.  When you renovate your pool, you may want to also consider investing in a robotic cleaner or an automatic pool cover.  A robotic cleaner will help you save time on cleaning your pool, which then you can allocate towards other household tasks.  An automatic pool cover can also simplify your swimming experience and help to keep your pool water at the appropriate temperature.  These simple purchases are both inexpensive and convenient.

These are just a few pool renovation ideas that will help you stay within your budget and avoid overspending.  An updated pool doesn't have to cause you financial distress when you implement these money-saving solutions.  If you are looking to renovate your pool, contact us for quality pool renovation in Orlando.  We can help you create the design of your dreams that also doesn't break the bank.