How Can I Keep My Pool Water Clear All the Time?

How Can I Keep My Pool Water Clear All the Time?

How Can I Keep My Pool Water Clear All the Time?

Are you a pool owner that wants to keep their pool looking great all the time?  When you invest in a pool, you want to be sure that your pool looks great all year round so that it is always ready for swimming.   This can take a lot of effort and hard work, as pool care can sometimes be tricky.  When you invest in a pool renovation in Orlando, you will have extra incentive to keep your pool looking clean, clear, and fresh all year long.  Many pool owners love showing off their brand new pool updates at pool parties or family get-togethers.  There are a few ways you can keep your newly renovated pool water clear all the time.

Keep Your Chemicals Balanced

Testing strips will determine the types of chemicals your pool water needs to stay within the safe range for swimming.  When you test your pool, you can then add the right chemicals to balance their levels.  By doing this routinely, you will be able to keep your water within the right levels, which will maintain a crystal clear appearance and make the water safe for swimming.

Clean Your Pool on a Regular Basis

It is common for debris, dirt, and algae to start to accumulate in pools that are not regularly cleaned.  To avoid this from occurring, you'll want to routinely skim the top surface of your pool water and also vacuum the bottom of the swimming pool at least once a week.  This will remove any of the dirt that can settle and anything that may fall into the pool and cause blemishes.  When you skim and vacuum your pool frequently, you prevent anything from building up and causing problems with your water clarity.

Use Additional Pool Treatments

When your pool is showing signs that it needs a little extra boost, you will want to have pool shock and algaecide handy.  Pool shock is great to do once a week to balance the sanitizer levels, which keeps your pool clean and free of germs and bacteria.  After heavy usage, like a large pool party or cookout, you should add pool shock for a thorough cleaning.  You should also add algaecide to prevent algae growth from accumulating in your pool.  Algae can eventually turn your pool water green without the proper treatments.  Avoid difficult and timely maintenance by treating any algae growth in its early stages with algaecide treatments.  

These are few ways to keep your pool water clean and clear all year round.  By doing these steps, you will ensure that your pool water is always crystal clear and safe for swimming.  When you invest in a pool renovation in Orlando, you'll want to be sure that your pool is always party-ready so that you can show off your new updates.  Contact us to hear about how to keep your pool ready for every party this year with some new updates.