Four Swimming Pool Laws You Should Know About

Four Swimming Pool Laws You Should Know About

Four Swimming Pool Laws You Should Know About

Many of us have been to pools at hotels and noticed many safety signs scattered around the area.   Make sure you don't run, please keep all glass away from the pool, and clean up after you are done swimming.  Those are just a few of the common rules at community swimming pools.  However, many private pool owners may not know that they, too, are subject to swimming pool laws and regulations.  Whenever you have a pool renovation in Orlando or you have just purchased a pool for the first time, there are a few swimming pool laws that you should know about.

You Must Have One Safety Feature in Place

Drowning is the number one cause of death in young children in the state of Florida, which prompted legislators to enhance safety regulations around swimming pools.  In fact, each pool is required to have at least one safety feature in place.  This ranges from fences to alarm systems, depending on the design and needs of your home.  

You Must Have a Copy of a Safety Manual

Anyone who owns a home in Florida should always have a copy of the "Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools" book.  This book outlines drowning prevention tactics and also provides homeowners with tips on how to keep their pool safe.  Whenever you get pool renovation in Orlando, our contractors will ask you if you need to go over some of the basic rules to ensure your understanding.

Keep Your Pool Lit at Night

Home pools can stay open all the time, which is different than community pools.  However, the state recommends that pools that offer night swimming have proper lighting.  This ensures the safety of your swimmers.  In fact, it is actually recommended that a professional determine whether the light is sufficient enough to keep all of your swimmers safe.

Pool Covers are Safety Features

Many Florida pools are covered as an extra safety measure.  This also helps to regulate the pool temperature.  Because at least one safety feature is required by the law, many pool owners choose to use a self-insulating, solar-absorbing pool cover when they are not actively using their swimming pool.  This is a great way to meet both your heating needs and your safety needs with one single investment.  

These are just a few of the swimming pool laws that every pool owner should know about, because it will help you to keep people safe as they enjoy your pool.  Because water safety is extremely important in the state of Florida, you'll want to follow these rules in your own pool, even though it's in your own backyard.  If you are looking for a pool renovation in Orlando to keep your loved ones safer, contact us to schedule an appointment today.