Five Safety Features You May Want to Add to Your Pool

Five Safety Features You May Want to Add to Your Pool

Five Safety Features You May Want to Add to Your Pool

Do you have pets, children, or other family members that you need to keep safe from the pool water?  Are you looking to renovate your pool area to add safety features?  From small children to wandering neighbors, there are many great reasons to add security features to your pool to keep everyone safe from the drowning dangers.  Our pool renovation in Orlando can help you enhance your swimming pool area and outdoor space to include the safety features that will make you more comfortable.  There are a few safety features you may want to consider adding to your pool this summer.

Install an Alarm System

Whenever you are worried about others entering your pool without permission, you may want to consider installing an alarm system or surveillance camera.  This will help you keep track of who is outside and in the pool, which will keep your small children safe.  It will also prevent unwanted neighbors from coming into your yard as well.

Inspect for Slip Hazards

When you get your pool renovation, consider adding materials that aren't slippery when they are wet.  There are ways that you can decrease the tripping hazards around your pool, even though it is still something you should always inspect before swimming.  Don't leave your walkways cluttered with pool toys, hoses, or other tripping hazards.

Install a Fence

Fences are great ways to keep pets and small children out of the pool area.  This is especially effective if you keep the gate locked until the pool is open and you are able to supervise everyone who is swimming.  Fences are also inexpensive ways to update your backyard and add character or privacy.  When you are looking to add security, it is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone stays out of the pool until you are ready.

Keep Rescue Equipment Handy

Always be prepared for any accidents or issues to occur.  Hopefully they won't, but you'll want to be ready in case of an emergency.  When someone has trouble keeping their head above water or someone trips and falls into the pool, you should have rescue equipment and a first aid kit near the pool to tend to their needs.  

Store Chemicals Away from Pool

Even though the pool may be your main safety concern, you'll also want to consider storage options for your chemicals.  When you update your pool area, make sure to designate a safe spot to store your pool chemicals out of reach of young children or animals.  These can be toxic and fatal if swallowed in large amounts.

These are just a few of the safety features that you may want to consider adding to your pool area to protect loved ones from the dangers of the water.  As a company specializing in pool renovation in Orlando, we can assess your property and make suggestions to keep you safe around your pool.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our pool experts today.