Five Popular Water Features for your Orlando Pool

Five Popular Water Features for your Orlando Pool

Five Popular Water Features for your Orlando Pool

Many people choose to renovate their swimming pool to add water features.  Water features are a great way to enhance the appearance of your pool, add entertainment, and create a relaxing ambience to your swimming pool area.  If you are planning for pool renovation in Orlando, consider adding a water feature.  Here are some popular water features for Orlando pools.


Gushers are great options for swimming pools that have sunning ledges and beach entries with less than six inches of water.  Gushers are great for those looking for a little bit of movement in the water without creating any splashing.  You can add many of these features to your pool, but we recommend no more than three per pool.


These water features are beautiful to look at and will definitely enhance the appearance of your swimming pool space.  Scuppers create a small waterfall look on a wall that spills into the swimming pool.  This is a great feature to add visual appeal and a soothing sound to your pool landscape.  These are also a versatile option, as you can choose the size and design of the scuppers you wish to incorporate into your pool renovation in Orlando.

Sheer Descents

These create a wide, thin waterfall that appears as a clear arc of water.  You'll need to also install a raised wall to allow the arc to flow from the top of the wall into the swimming pool.  Sheer descents are great options for those looking to create some dramatic appeal to their pool.  Many people also add lights around their sheer descent to enhance the appeal and make it appear almost glass-like as it cascades down into your pool.

Mini Jets

Mini jets are popular options for family swimming pools, as kids love to play underneath these.  They are also extremely versatile and fit in almost any pool design.  Mini jets provide a small stream of water that shoots from your pool deck or patio into your swimming pool.  These unique water features are extremely popular in Florida pool renovation projects.


If you are looking to create a natural hardscape design with your pool renovation in Orlando, you should add a waterfall feature.  These truly stunning displays will make you feel like you are lost in nature.  Waterfalls that ripple down a natural stone feature will make it feel as though a bubbling brook is in your backyard.  It will provide you with the soothing sounds of trickling water, while also providing a beautiful feature to your pool.

These are just some of the trending water features you can add to your pool during your pool renovation in Orlando.  Our pool designers and installation team will work with you to create the ultimate water feature for your pool.  Contact us today to get started with the pool renovation process.