Five Pool Design Trends for Your Pool Renovation This Summer

Five Pool Design Trends for Your Pool Renovation This Summer

Five Pool Design Trends for Your Pool Renovation This Summer

Have you been waiting to renovate your pool until the summer?  Are you looking to enhance your pool design with new trends?  This year, consider adding to your outdoor oasis by updating your pool to reflect some of the season's hottest trends in pool renovation in Orlando.  Amazing pool designs will have neighbors, friends, and family flocking to your pool to beat the summer heat and enjoy spending the day in your beautifully transformed backyard.  Here are a few of the season's hottest pool design trends to inspire your pool renovation.

Tropical Oasis

When you create your backyard oasis, you may want to consider the tropical trend that is popular.  You can use a tropical theme in your yard by growing lush and beautiful greenery around your pool.  Also, you may want to add a waterfall feature to your swimming pool, or even a natural rock wall or water feature.  This will make you feel like you are on a vacation in a tropical destination anytime you are in your own Florida backyard.

Pavilion Installations

In order to add an element of shade into your backyard, many people are designing a pavilion near their pool.  People sometimes even add a grill or table area where they can eat and relax in a place safe from the sun.  Having a pavilion provides you with much-needed relief from the Florida sunshine when you aren't actually taking a dip in the pool.  Pavilions, pergolas, and pagodas are all popular elements.

Mosaic Tiles

Instead of simply choosing a solid color to line the exterior surface of your pool, you should consider adding some flair by using mosaic tiles.   These are extremely affordable and will help decorate your pool with a pop of color.  You can choose whichever color scheme works best for your pool design, as these are versatile and customizable.

Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

These swimming pools have become increasingly popular over time, as they give the illusion that the swimming pool never actually ends.  This may require additional land to be dug in order to create an edge higher than the ground, but they will provide your backyard with a whole new level of beauty.  Having an infinity edge is great for homes that look onto beautiful views and additional property, as you can sit at the edge and soak it all in.

Swim Up Bar

Many pool renovation designs include a swim up bar that makes it easy for you to sit on a pool stool and enjoy a beverage without ever leaving the water.  These are great options for those who enjoy entertaining and enjoying cocktails with friends and family.  Swim up bars easily add a festive and functional feel to any swimming pool.

These are just a few of the pool design trends that serve as inspiration for your pool renovation this summer.  If you are looking to enhance the appearance and design of your pool, contact us for your pool renovation in Orlando.  Our experts will work with you to create the stunning design and transform your outdoor space.  Contact us today to get started.