Types of Pool Tiles

Types of Pool Tiles

Types of Pool Tiles

Pool renovation in Orlando comes with many important decisions that you will need to make. Going with a lighter color means that your pool will look larger while choosing a darker color often makes it look more natural. You will also need to decide if you are going to tile the whole pool area or just the outside edges. One of the most important decisions you will need to make, however, is the type of pool tile that best meets your needs. Here are five different choices that you may want to consider.


Brick provides an upscale luxurious look to many swimming pools. Since brick is naturally rough, they are easier to walk on if you have small children who are just learning to swim. The downside of using brick tile is that you will need to drain your swimming pool and use a power washer to clean it annually.


Most stone tile used in swimming pools is gray in color, but other choices may be available. Its natural roughness makes it look fabulous if you are trying to create a natural looking swimming pool. Like brick, you will need to commit to draining your pool annually and using a power washer to clean it.


Porcelain tiles are extremely durable, so you can count on them to stand up for a very long time. Since they are non-porous, they are not very likely to pop out of place. This is a big advantage because you will not have to drain the pool to replace them. They are also easy to care for, and they do not stain easily. If you opt for this choice, you can count on additional installation fees as they are more difficult to install properly.


There are several reasons that you may want to consider the beauty of glass tiles. Many homeowners have discovered that having a swimming pool with glass tiles increased their home’s value when it came time to sell. They are also a great option because they will not fade, and they do not get hot in the summertime. They also will not burn. The downside of glass tile is that they are one of the most expensive options on the market today.


It is incredibly easy to create a connected look to your backyard landscaping when you choose ceramic tile. These tiles stand up extremely well in pool environments, and they are easy to keep clean. They maintain their color beautifully even if you end up using tough pool cleaning chemicals. If left untreated, they can be slippery, but there are finishes that can be applied to make them less slick.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every choice that you make. Get expert advice from All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc. before beginning on your pool renovation in Orlando. You can contact them at (407) 324-2442 to get their expert advice.