The Different Types of In Ground Pools

The Different Types of In Ground Pools

The Different Types of In Ground Pools

When you have a home in Orlando, you will most likely consider adding an in ground pool at some point or another while you are living here.  The hot summers and the warm temperatures all year long will make your investment in a pool a worthwhile way to spend your money.  As a company specializing in pool renovation in Orlando, we help install, repair, and enhance pools for our clients in order to make their outdoor spaces both more functional and attractive.  There are a few different types of in ground pools to consider for your Orlando home.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are great options for those who are looking for a low maintenance option, because they require much less time to keep clean.  Its non-porous materials make it tough for algae or mold to grow, which means that it doesn't need as many routine cleanings as other pool surfaces will.  Installation of a fiberglass pool is also very quick, because it comes in one big shell that simply needs placed in the hole dug specifically for the pool.  Many of our clients also enjoy the fiberglass option because it is an attractive, sleek design that is durable and long-lasting.  Although it is more expensive up front, it costs less to maintain throughout its lifetime.  

Concrete Pools

This is a popular option for those who want a custom shape or size for their swimming pool.  Because concrete pools are versatile in design, they are a perfect option for consumers who want deep pools, tanning ledges, or other features that may require customization.  They are also extremely durable and difficult to penetrate.  Concrete pools often require routine cleaning in order to keep algae from growing on the surface.  In order to keep algae from growing, you'll need to routinely treat the concrete pool with chemicals.  

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl liners are popular choices for consumers on a budget that are still looking for relief from the heat.  They are the most affordable option to start.  However, they may need replaced every 4-5 years, and it will especially need replaced if it is ripped from pets, tree branches, or debris that blows or falls into the pool.  Similar to concrete pools, they are also easily customizable to any size, shape, or depth that you need.  

If you have been looking for a solution to beat the Florida heat, it may be time to install an in ground pool.  There are a few different options to consider, which may depend on the space available and your other needs for a swimming pool in your backyard.  When you are ready to get started, contact us for pool installation and pool renovation in Orlando