Scams to Watch Out for When Hiring a Pool Service Industry

Scams to Watch Out for When Hiring a Pool Service Industry

Scams to Watch Out for When Hiring a Pool Service Industry

While there are responsible and reputable pool service companies in Orlando, a few could want to play on your ignorance. Here are some scam activities that you should be on the lookout for when dealing with pool maintenance or pool renovation in Orlando:

1. Charging For Chemicals Not Used

Most pool service operations will need chemicals. While most honest pool service companies will charge for the services used, there are some that could inflate the actual amount or add unused chemicals. There are many cases of people diluting chemicals, or using colored water all in a bid to fool pool owners. While this is extreme, it is important to be sure that the right materials are being used for your pool maintenance if you are going to be billed for it.

2. Unnecessary Equipment Replacement

Many people are usually burdened when they are faced with bills of pump installation or filter replacement amounting to thousands of dollars. While there are times when some of these pool equipment can be replaced for less, bear in mind that pumps, cleaners, heaters, and filters can last for decades when properly cared for. Know exactly what you are paying for during any pool renovation in Orlando. If you have an old model, there is a huge chance it becomes obsolete and spare parts become scarce. However, be sure to be diligent and search online for equipment parts, rather than falling a victim of this.

3. Damaging Your Pool or Equipment

While this is not usually intentional, it happens. The pool service guys could drop the pool cleaner or trip over the DE filter. This is why you should only work with reputable pool renovation companies in Orlando who own up to mistakes and make them right without any fuss.

There are however pool companies out there that could damage your equipment and charge you for repair. This is not surprising as plastics in or around a pool become weak and are easily damaged. If you are in such a condition, be sure to analyze the damage before taking responsibility

4. Damage to Your Landscape or lawn

There are times pool renovation companies could damage your flower beds, lawns, and garden due to movements here and there. Flooding or erosion is also another big issue, especially when the pool water is laden with myriads of chemicals.

It is important to reiterate that not all pool renovation companies in Orlando are guilty of this. However, be smart and watch out for any shady dealing in your relationship with the pool service company. Besides, only work with reputable pool Service Company that have established themselves over the years.

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