How Switching to A Saltwater Pool Can Save You Money

How Switching to A Saltwater Pool Can Save You Money

How Switching to A Saltwater Pool Can Save You Money

Saltwater pools can be more expensive to build than their chlorine counterparts, but over time, they has been known to be more cost effective, thereby saving you money in the long run. A lot of factors can incur more expenses when it comes to the maintenance of your pool, like the pool design which could be a problem later, the filtration system and other parts of the pool.

One of the major factors to consider when building a pool is the long term cost, not the initial expenses that is made during its installation. Unfortunately, many don’t look at the big picture but rather, at the moment. They prefer to spend less now and pay more later with a gun in their head.

Can switching to a saltwater pool save you money? The answer is yes. But how? Read on!

Less Maintenance

Every pool requires maintenance and its cost varies depending on whether it is a chlorine or saltwater water. The pool architecture is also a factor that can warrant more cost as time goes. A saltwater pool is more expensive to install, compared to chlorine pool. But as time goes, you don’t have to add so much salt again, thereby reducing cost unlike a chlorine pool.

A chlorine pool will cost around $50 - $60 every month to maintain. A saltwater pool on the other hand will cost half of that the entire season. Another factor that will determine your maintenance cost is the size of the pool. Like you already know, the bigger the pool, the bigger the maintenance cost. A chlorine pool requires chlorine regularly to maintain, the same isn’t true for the other.

Overall Cost

One of the glaring Cbarriers that deters people from installing a saltwater-based pool is the upfront cost. It is very expensive to set up compared to its counterpart. However, the lifetime cost is much cheaper compared to the chlorine-based pool. Switching to a saltwater pool can save you tons of money in the long run, but it might not seem so during the initial stage. Yes, during the initial stage, you will spend a lot to maintain the pool. But the cost reduces, unlike a chlorine base pool.

Health Benefit Of Saltwater Pool

A Saltwater pool is beneficial to the health and it certainly cut down on your monthly medical cost, thereby saving you more money. It is good for your skin, known to contain anti-stress properties and can also be seen as an alternate to the gym as it works on your joints with absolutely no side effects.

It is a known fact that a chunk of our finances goes into medical, but with a saltwater pool, that chunk of money will drastically reduce, and you won’t have to spend a lot anymore.

Both pools come with their pros and cons but considering the long-term advantage, saltwater pool seems to be the best option for aspiring pool owners looking to carry out pool renovation in Orlando this summer. Call us today for a free quote.