Guide to Building a Splash Pad

Guide to Building a Splash Pad

Guide to Building a Splash Pad

One of the hottest trends in swimming pools right now is building a home splash pad. Your children will love playing on it during a hot summer day. In fact, do not be surprised if the whole neighborhood gang ends up at your house regularly after you build a splash pad. This water feature also encourages your child to get active during the summer instead of staring at the television or their electronic device. Here are some key considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Types of Splash Pads

Splash pads generally fall into two broad categories. Flow-through systems take water in from a source and collect it at the end where it can be used for another purpose, such as irrigating your landscaping. While you do not have to worry about treating this water, the amount of water that a flow-through system can use can be astronomical during the warmer months. The second type of splash pad is a recirculating system where water is collected in an underground tank to be used many times. While this type of system uses much less water, you will need to treat the water regularly. Generally, more water features can be active at the same time with a flow-through system as opposed to a recirculating system. Water in a flow-through system will almost always be cold, but in a recirculating system, the water will reflect the environment’s current temperature.


There are many different themes that you can use when building a new splash pad.  While you may be tempted to use your child’s favorite television show as the theme for your splash pad, consider using something they enjoy in Florida or a historical character instead. You are probably already familiar with how fast your child can change their mind. Children are naturally drawn to bright colors.


It is important to decide which water systems you want going in what order. In a flow-through system, about 60 percent of the water activities can be going at the same time while in a recirculating system about 80 percent of the water activities can be going at once. If you have children of different ages, then think about incorporating water that jets up through the ground while for older children think about incorporating activities that dump large amounts of water at one time. Your sequencing system should allow you to choose how long each activity last as that will help your children enjoy playing there longer.

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