Effect of Leaves and Dirt in Your Pool

Effect of Leaves and Dirt in Your Pool

Effect of Leaves and Dirt in Your Pool

Keeping pools clean is the secret to enjoying a sparkling pool all year round. Many people leave dirt and leaves in their pool. With these, they end up paying dearly later. Pools covered in algae, leaves and other dirt are usually dirty and unattractive. This could lead to extensive damage which could be expensive to fix with time.

Effect of Not Cleaning Your Pool

When leaves stay long in your pool, they will break down and decompose into smaller bits. This supplies the nutrients needed for algae to thrive. While dry leaves will initially float, with time, they could sink to the bottom, becoming harder to remove which is why it is essential to get rid of pool leaves and dirt regularly, whether on the surface or beneath the pool. Leaves and other dirt fly around with wind, making it easy for your pool to be littered with leaves. If left for long in your pool and it breaks down, the pool could be infested with the slimy green growth which could be very hard to remove.

You might not be able to stop leaves from getting into your pool, except if you invest in a pool cover. You should, however, make sure to rid your pool of this dirt regularly.

Chlorine is very useful to checkmate the growth of algae. However, you have got to be smart with the levels of chlorine. The chlorine balance of your pool is very important as just a slight drop can trigger algae growth.

The growth of algae is not something you want. If your pool have a crack, it can travel inside, expanding and weakening your pool foundation, leading to more damage. This will translate into a lot of money for repair, something that could have been prevented with simple pool maintenance.

Even with a pool cover, you can’t completely prevent leaves and dirt from entering your pool. You have got to be intentional about regular cleaning of your pool, at least twice per week.

What parts of Your Pool should you concentrate on?

Effective pool maintenance involves keeping all part of the pool free from dirt and leaves, not just the water. With a pool cover, you prevent sunlight from getting into the pool thereby preventing algae growth. However, with the buildup of leaves and dirt on your pool cover, it could deteriorate making the nutrient-rich sludge enter your water, giving algae the chance to thrive.

It is easy for the pool filter to be clogged with leaves. With leaves and dirt in your skimmer box, you also run the risk of this foreign body disintegrating which could lead to an equipment breakdown

Keeping your pool free of dirt is vital to your pool water’s health and how you will enjoy the pool. Get in touch with us at All Phase Pool Remodeling for help with pool maintenance. We are skilled in pool renovation in Orlando and environs and you are assured of the best from us.