Choosing the Perfect Pool Water Color

Choosing the Perfect Pool Water Color

Choosing the Perfect Pool Water Color

It may surprise you to learn that the water in your swimming pool is as clear as the water that comes out of your kitchen faucet, however, there are many different factors that combine to determine the color the water appears. Stop and remember for a second your elementary science classes. Color is the absorption or reflection of different wavelengths. Controlling the light that is absorbed and reflected allows you to control the water’s color in your swimming pool.

Size and Depth

It would be incredibly easy to make the San Alfonso del Mar Resort’s swimming pool look dark blue as it is the largest swimming pool in the world covering over 19 acres. In actuality, the larger and deeper the swimming pool, the deeper blue the water will appear if other factors are not controlled. It is the same principle as staring out into the Atlantic Ocean where the water near you seems a lighter blue than the water further away from you. If you have an average-size swimming pool in your backyard, then you can make the water appear a deeper color by choosing a deeper color for the pool’s finish.

Surrounding Materials

If you want your pool’s water to appear an aquamarine color, then surround the pool with red-and-gold-toned hardscaping. Planting lots of grass and green shrubbery near the pool will make the water appear to have a green tint to it. Using lots of white near your pool will make the water appear a deep blue.


If you have a pool already, then notice the water color throughout the day. Chances are very strong that the water will appear clearer when the sun is high overhead. In reality, t is reflecting more of the pool’s surroundings. Then, take another look at it later in the day when the sun is setting, and you will discover that the water looks cloudier.

The Water Chemistry

If you look at a picture of a natural hot spring, like Balmorhea Pool in Texas or Evans Plunge Mineral Springs in South Dakota, then you instantly notice that the water is a different color. That is because the water in these springs is very high in minerals. When you view photos of many resort pools, they may appear to be a brighter blue than you discover when you get there. Someone has played with the water chemistry to make the water appear bluer for the photos. The same thing happens at your home if you forget to check the pH balance and other factors in the water regularly.

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