Add a Luxurious Water Fountain to Your Orlando Swimming Pool

Add a Luxurious Water Fountain to Your Orlando Swimming Pool

Add a Luxurious Water Fountain to Your Orlando Swimming Pool

A pool water fountain is an excellent addition to many home swimming pools. Did you know, however, that there are benefits to having a water fountain in your home swimming pool? Here are just a few ways that having a pool water fountain installed during pool renovation in Orlando will enhance your pool.

Fountains Make Water Cooler

The chances are that you love cooling off in your swimming pool during Orlando’s hot summer months. A water fountain lowers the water’s temperature by about three degrees so that you can enjoy it even more. When the fountain sprays water up into the air, then air mixes with the water cooling it down. When it falls back into your pool, it lowers the temperature of your pool.

Circulate Water

Your pool needs circulation keeping the chemicals working correctly, stopping algae growth and for many other reasons. Adding a water fountain enhances your pool’s circulation. Since many water fountains rely on your pool’s pump to operate effectively, you can tell instantly if your pool’s pump has developed a problem if the water is not flowing out of the fountain correctly.

Relieve Stress

Psychologists have proven that listening to the sound of water reduces the body’s fight-or-flight response. Hearing water also lowers heart rates. They also found that the noise made people more externally focused, so your family may even get along better. Swimming releases dopamine, the happy hormone, in your body. You can easily take your enjoyment to the next level by adding a water fountain to your Orlando swimming pool.


Playing in the spray from a swimming pool fountain is fun. There is something magical about seeing the rainbow that forms when the water sprays into the air. You can choose from a variety of fountains, so it is incredibly easy to find one that you love. You can select simple ones that spray water into the air or more complicated choices that create light and water shows. You can even find ones that you can synchronize to your favorite tunes.


If you have ever stopped to look at a fountain, then you know that they are beautiful. When you choose one for your own swimming pool, you can surround yourself with art as you swim. You can find options that are basic geometrical designs, but you can also find ones containing angels, birds, or mythical objects. Adding a fountain is a great way to take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

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