Add a Fire Element to Your Swimming Pool

Add a Fire Element to Your Swimming Pool

Add a Fire Element to Your Swimming Pool

Regardless if you believe in the classical elements of fire, water, air, and earth or love the modern design elements of using fire outside, adding a fire element near your swimming pool can be a beautiful addition. Of course, you will want to think about safety before adding fire elements near your pool. You can use gas, electric, or real fire in these features.

Fire Pits

Fire pits come in a variety of sizes and choices. You can place chairs around them to add a conversation place around your pool. You can also use them to create simple outside meals to keep the gang fed while they are swimming. Consider positioning your fire pit so that it can be enjoyed from the pool to create your own infinity swimming pool. You can even take this idea to the next level by hiring pool renovation in Orlando to create a two-depth swimming pool and put the fire pit in the middle to divide the two areas.


You can easily position fireplaces near your swimming pool. If you or your family loves sports, you can even take this idea over the top by adding a mantle large enough to hold a TV, allowing you to watch the game while swimming in the pool. Alternatively, you can easily add rocks along one end of your pool with a fireplace hidden among them to make a natural looking environment.

Fire Orbs

Fire orbs are a great addition to many swimming pool areas. In addition to adding an element of fire, they can also be a stunning architectural element. You can position fire orbs around the corners of your pool, as they do a great job of giving off extra light in addition to warmth. You may also want to consider hanging fire orbs allowing you to use them as a natural light source in your swimming pool area.

Fire Lanterns

Fire lanterns are a great way to add additional light to your swimming pool area without having to rely on a harsh overhead light. While you can find options that float in the water, allowing you to enjoy this fire idea without hiring pool renovation in Orlando, consider the beauty of installing fire lanterns around the outside of your pool. You can find options that are placed in the pool decking to surround your pool, or you can find options that stand on poles around your pool.

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