5 Places to Use Tile in Your Swimming Pool

5 Places to Use Tile in Your Swimming Pool

5 Places to Use Tile in Your Swimming Pool

If you want to give your swimming pool a new look, consider the versatility of tile. You can create a natural look by sticking to natural stone tile or a modern look by using glass and ceramic. Even a Zen look is easy to create when you choose tiles mimicking the look of wood or those in a beautiful green color. There are at least seven places in your swimming pool that you may want to consider using tile.  


Coping tiles are those that are visible above your pool’s waterline. While many choose to stick to a natural look, this can be a great place to use mosaic glass tiles to give your pool a luxurious look. A bull-nose tile is an excellent option for those who often go into the pool over the edge. Alternatively, if you have young swimmers, then tile with a rolled edge is easier for toes to grasp. Cantilevered tile gives your pool a very modern look while rough cut helps to create a more natural look.  

Waterline Tile

These tiles are placed at the waterline, and they make it easy to tell if there is not enough or too much water in your pool. While it can be more expensive to install, glass tile does a great job of reflecting the sun’s light. Stone tile provides a beautiful natural look, but avoid soft stones if you have a saltwater pool. Available in many different colors, porcelain tile is one of the most durable options. Mosaic tile gives you plenty of options to create a customized look.  


One of the most popular options for swimming pool steps is non-slip tile. While these generally are beige, other choices are available. You may also want to use glow-in-the-dark tile if you love swimming at night. You can choose to apply tile to the rise of the step or set pieces in concrete steps to make them more visible.  


Keep your budget in mind when choosing tiles for your swimming pool walls as it is far too easy to fall in love with an option that you cannot afford. You can find tiles for the walls of your swimming pools in a variety of colors, and you can also find ones with shapes built into them, allowing you to design your customized look.  


Make sure that the tiles that you choose for your pool floor are anti-slip, especially if you have young swimmers. You can find anti-slip glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. You may want to choose mosaic options to give your pool a unique look.  

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