Waterproofing your pool deck: What materials should you use?

Waterproofing your pool deck: What materials should you use?

Waterproofing your pool deck: What materials should you use?

How you enjoy your pool may not be dependent on the water itself; sometimes the surrounding of the pool makes all the difference. You do not want to have a sparkling pool and have a dilapidating pool deck. It ruins everything and a pool renovation in Orlando should be in order. To keep your pool deck in top shape, you should make it waterproof and protected, and to include that as part of your pool renovation in Orlando plans, you need to know what materials to use.

Over time, using your pool regularly can have its effects on the surroundings of your pool. The chemicals in your pool water once they come in constant contact with your pool deck’s surface, can have a damaging impact on it. So, from time to time, use a special deck cleaner or mild detergent to clean off the chemical build-up. You should also sweep your pool deck daily as sand and dirt can be abrasive on the surface and cause damage to it. Sweeping will also prevent the accumulation of debris and leaves.

How to waterproof a wood deck?

Protecting a wood deck is best done by using a penetrating stain. A penetrating stain helps prevent the chemical from the pool water from causing damage to the surface of the deck. The water will not be able to penetrate into the wood thereby preventing internal damages. You can also use wood sealants that are opaque or tinted.

Before you stain your pool wood deck, use a deck cleaning solution or power washer to clean it. You are not only trying to get rid of the debris and dirt, but you also want to remove mildew and mold which may not be readily visible to the eyes. After cleaning your deck surface thoroughly, leave for a few days to dry. Make sure your pool is covered so that the stain does not get into it. Once you have applied the sealer, leave it to dry up; then check the deck for any part that you missed. If water later gets on it and it does not form beads, then this means you have to apply more sealer.

How to waterproof Concrete Decks?

If you think water cannot get into concrete, you are mistaken. An experienced service provider of pool renovation in Orlando should tell you that your concrete is not impervious to moisture. Concrete is even more porous when it comes to chemically treated pool water. Apply a sealant to your concrete deck to keep it from fading, crumbling and resistant to stain. Concrete sealants can either be tinted or clear, and they can have a high-gloss or no-gloss finish. In places with cold climates, concrete sealants help deal with thaw and freeze damage. The process of using sealant on your concrete deck is the same as that of wood.

Keeping your deck waterproof will not only help keep your pool beautiful but also make it enjoyable for a long time. Include waterproofing your pool deck as part of your plans for pool renovation in Orlando. All Phase Pool Remodeling can help you with this. Get started by calling 407-324-2442.