3 efficient tips for preventing leaves from damaging your pool

3 efficient tips for preventing leaves from damaging your pool

3 efficient tips for preventing leaves from damaging your pool

Now that the winter has come and you have probably waved goodbye to your pool until next summer, now is the time to plan little preventive maintenance. Such maintenance plan will ensure that your pool survives till the next summer. So what are you preventing against? Falling leaves are a top candidate. These little guys can mess with your pool’s pH balance, clog up filters, consume chemicals and even leave staining on your liners. Now you see why you should never allow leaves to be where they are fallen.

While it is clear that you can’t stop the course of Mother Nature, there are ways that you can prevent fallen leaves from causing damage to your pool. Here is how:

3 ways to save your pool from fallen leaves

1. Get a leaf net

These are easily manageable and lighter than pool covers. Leaf nets provide a similar function like pool covers. Once you have started noticing the leaves beginning to fall, cover the pool, especially when you are not making use of it. After you have collected the leaves, remove the leaf net and do away with the leaves. You can get the pickup service to handle that for you. This will ensure you don’t spend much if you have plans for a pool renovation in Orlando.

2. Thoroughly inspect and modify your landscaping if necessary

There is something that you mustn’t do, and that is planting leafy trees very close up to where your pool is located. But you may ask; what if I’m moving to a place where this is done already, what should I do? Well, if that be the case, you don’t have much of choice. But, there is still something you can do. In every autumn, make sure you prune the branches of the trees back a good length every year. By so doing, it will help in minimizing the number of leaves that fall whenever the trees shed their leaves every autumn.

However, if you are landscaping straight from the ground-up, then go for non-flowering trees and plants within and around your pool area. It is a reliable way to ensure you are not spending much for a future pool renovation.

3. Remove them from the ground immediately

Although the leaves that fall around your pool area are harmless for the time being, they will become threatening once they start making their way to your pool, following the natural course of the wind. Therefore, you don’t want to let them hang around. Get them off the area as soon as they hit the ground. You can do this by yourself, but if you feel you are too tired or not chanced to do that, get a professional like All Phase Pool remodeling Inc. to handle the task on your behalf.

In the end, it will save you the stress of dealing with a pool renovation in Orlando. We will make sure the leaves are bagged and taken away from the moment they are raked to avoid a situation where piles of leaves will be blowing about and depositing more dirt into your pool.

Like carrying out preventive maintenance on your car, you need to invest in a good maintenance and pool renovation in Orlando frequently. Call us today for a free consultation.