The Best Swimming Pool Options for Smaller Yards

The Best Swimming Pool Options for Smaller Yards

The Best Swimming Pool Options for Smaller Yards

There is a common misconception that pools need only be big and fancy. Pool lovers with smaller yards are often left disappointed with the size of their yards, falsely believing that it prevents them from building a pool.

Contrary to what many believe, small yards can be designed to house standard pools. A number of options are available for small yards and today, we look at three of the best swimming pool options to compliment your small yard and transform it into a glorious oasis to relax and entertain friends and loved ones.

The Rectangular Pool

One of the ways you can avail yourself of the comfort and ambience of a swimming pool in a smaller yard is to have an in-ground rectangular pool built. At 9 by 18 feet, you can have a great pool to add to outdoor ambience. While a 9 by 18 may not be the customary lap pool, a little bit of LED light introduced with flower bushes, hammock or decorative bench will instantly land you the perfect spot for both water sport and simple relaxation.

The Narrow Pool

The narrow pool also sports a rectangular shape design but comes in at thinner dimensions. A narrow rectangular pool will ensure that there is enough space in the pool for your kids to fit in and splash. With proper planning, there is also an opportunity to create a pool that accommodates diving.

The narrow pool would be designed for purpose and will serve as a divider for the backyard. This arrangement will transform your outdoor space and an effective compliment with some grass at the foot of the pool or some decorative rocks will leave you stunned at what you could have. The other side of the pool will serve best as a grilling hub with a fire pit and decorative bench.

The Pool Garden Space

To conclude the adventure, adding a little landscape can go a long way. For the pool garden space, opt to use rectangular or square shapes to convey the illusion of a larger pool. These shapes work better in making your pool look bigger as opposed to the oval or circular outlay.

The goal here is not just to have a pool but to make it look superb and feel like a pool garden. Decorate the area by adding same-sized potted trees against the kitchen wall, use a beautiful lounge chair arrangement that faces another table with two chairs.


Irrespective of the space you have got, one can still make a fully-functional swimming pool that serves its purpose and beautifies the home. No matter how little, adding a pool lends a unique vibe to the lifestyle. While it may not be an easy task, recruiting the help of a professional pool installation or pool renovation in Orlando will go a long way in achieving your dreams.

If you already have a pool, big or small, ensure that proper maintenance is carried out to prevent accumulation into costlier damages by dealing with an expert company that offers pool renovation in Orlando.