6 Most Popular Swimming Pool Myths

6 Most Popular Swimming Pool Myths

6 Most Popular Swimming Pool Myths

It is not uncommon to hear people making unsavory comments about swimming pools. Myths about pools have been rampant for decades. With the way society is going, everyone has an opinion on everything, and they are not afraid to share it with whoever cares enough to listen. Today we bring to light some of these misleading myths and point out the truth about them.

1. Fresh pee can be detected by dye in the pool

Over half the world's population are of the opinion that when you pee in a pool, the dye contained in the pool will be revealed. The truth is, this is a scientific impossibility that has led grown men and women to swim in pools flowing with urine unknowingly. Make sure you have your pool thoroughly cleaned immediately after any pool party or event. You have no way of knowing what your guests have done while in it.

2. A pool adds no value to a home

Some people think having a pool in their home will not affect the building's market value. They are dead wrong. In the real estate market, pools have been known to Increase both the sale and resale value of any home.

3. You take a break after eating before going into the pool

Many are led to believe that resting for about one hour after eating before going into the pool will reduce the risk of drowning by getting a cramp, but there have been no findings to back up such beliefs. The only way to avoid getting a cramp or stitch while swimming is to swim in the depth where you are comfortable.

4. A pungent smelling pool is a clean pool

A pool that smells of chlorine doesn't mean it's clean; it rather means it contains a lot of chloramines; which means the pool contains countless infections with chlorine to tackle. A slight chemical smell is what you should be on the lookout for in pools.

5. Chlorine kills all bacteria in a pool

Most people believe chlorine kills all bacteria in a pool, but this isn't true. Chlorine only kills most bacteria and helps prevent diseases from spreading in the pool, but in most public pools, there are recreational water illnesses (RWI) which chlorine cannot tackle.

A common RWI like cryptosporidium which causes gastrointestinal illness is very common in most pools.

6. People believe it takes too much time to maintain a pool

Contrary to report, maintaining a pool is cheaper than maintaining a car or a house. Also hiring a professional to help maintain your pool will go a long way in eliminating various problems such as diseases and damages.

Never forget that you can take it upon yourself to work on your pool's maintenance because, with today's technology, you can get sufficient results in little or no time.

Now you know the truth about what most people wrongly consider facts. One last myth to examine before we go - people believe pool renovation and remodeling is a waste of time and money. Wrong. There are many benefits to pool remodeling that you never knew existed. Check out our blog for more of that.

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