Restoring the Chemical Balance of Your Pool After Hosting A Pool Party

Restoring the Chemical Balance of Your Pool After Hosting A Pool Party

Restoring the Chemical Balance of Your Pool After Hosting A Pool Party

We all know how fun and cool pool parties can be, especially when you have visiting friends and relatives around for the occasion. It is like one-in-a-lifetime experience that you will always commit to memory. Take Labor Day as an instance, the unofficial send-off day that--a unique day where friends and family gather to grill one last moment. They may have some cold ones, but the real deal is something more than you have bargained for; a joyous riot in your pool. That is why you may need a pool renovation in Orlando.

Substances that disrupt your pool’s chemical balance

Urine, body lotion, sunblock, and oils, all can alter your pool’s chemical balance by unbalancing the chemistry which in turn can potentially impact your health negatively. Apart from that, it can also cause you to pay more for repairs when carrying out any form of pool renovation in Orlando. For these reasons, while you have every right to throw that end-of-year party and enjoy those endless rounds of fun, make sure you restore your pool’s chemical balance afterward. That is to keep the sum of Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium Hardness levels in check and also to protect your pool from erosion and scaling.

Why it is critical to ensure chemical balance in your pool

If you are currently using your pool aggressively without ensuring its chemical balance, the dangers can be catastrophic. First, if you open your eyes underwater, you start feeling the effect. At times, your skin will begin developing irritation after making contact in with the water for some time. A pool with a chemical imbalance can become a breeding ground for bacteria or germs, which consequently results in unintended chemical reactions that eat away your pool’s pumps, liner, and ladders, including other essential components.

Check and restoring your pool balance

At All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc, we will help you check if your pool chemical balance has become imbalanced due to heavy use. If that is the case, pool renovation in Orlando can be recommended which involves skimming it and then vacuuming it out. After that, our professionals in pool renovation in Orlando will then check the chemical balance using test strips to ascertain the severity of any damage that may exist. After that, we will check to ensure the pool has adequate sanitizer and chlorine levels, adjusting them where necessary so they can perform to their optimum capacity. This will further ensure that your pool is free from all unwanted leftover from the summer vibes.

All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc can help

It is essential to keep your pool chemically balanced, mainly after you have used it heavily. Pool renovation in Orlando will help you to extend its lifespan, keeping it enjoyable and comfortable all through. To have the best pool renovation in Orlando, call us today at 407-324-2442.