Reasons Your Swimming Pool pH Level is very Important

Reasons Your Swimming Pool pH Level is very Important

Reasons Your Swimming Pool pH Level is very Important

Many advantages come with maintaining the pH level of your pool. It ensures that you have a sparkling pool and also keeps your pump, heater and other pool component functioning correctly. The pH level of your pool determines how acidic the pool is. Generally, pH is classified on a scale of 0 to 14, and a value below 7 is very acidic while values above 8 are basic. Ideally, your pH level should be somewhere in the middle, between 7.3 and 7.7.

Discussed below are some of the reasons why maintaining a balanced pool pH level is important:

1. Low pH triggers skin and Eye irritation

There are many hazardous effects of extremely basic water on the body. It stings the nasal passage and the eye. It drains the body of natural oil which makes the skin dry and itchy. It also makes the hair break easily.

Ideally, the human body was designed to survive around the middle pH level. Hence, a pool with a very low pH level can cause problems in your pool.

2. High pH Neutralizes Chlorine

The effect of Chlorine will not be felt in your pool if it tends more towards the alkaline region. This could be why you are spending a lot on Chlorine yet the water is not clean.

Thus, before shopping for Chlorine again, get in touch with the pool renovation in Orlando or wherever you are and get your pool checked out.

3. The Vinyl Layers get Damaged with Unbalanced pH

Varying levels of pH have different effects on the vinyl liner of your pool. As a result of this, a very high pH level will make the vinyl layer wear out sooner, needing replacement. A very low pH level, on the other hand, will make the vinyl layer grow, causing wrinkles.

4. Low pH Can Cause Corrosion

Acid generally corrodes. Hence, a pretty acidic pool could corrode everything in it – the pump, the mechanical systems, the ladder, the driving board support, etc.

5. High pH levels Make Pool Water Cloudy

As the pH level rises, it will release a lot of minerals. This explains why your pool water is not clear at times.

Get in Touch with All Phase Pool Remodeling Service to maintain Your Pool

There are test strips with which you can daily measure the level of pH of your pool. We, therefore, recommend that you make this testing a daily habit. ‘

To measure the pH level of your pool, enter the pool with a skimmer with its returns. 18 inches under the water, hold the test strip for about 10 seconds. Remove the strips without shaking the water. Let the water fill in and test the strips with the standard on the product,

General maintenance of a pool is essential to ensure the pH level balances. Hence, get in touch with our swimming pool experts at All Phase Pool Remodeling for your pool renovation service in Orlando. We are skilled in helping to maintain your pool for optimum result. Contact us today on 407-324-2442!