Introduction to smart pools

Introduction to smart pools

Introduction to smart pools

Have you ever wondered what life was like before the introduction of technology and smartphones? Think about the convenience we have now and imagine what it was like several decades ago. These days you can easily do a quick internet search for answers to your questions, voice automation is the in-thing, and there are lots of things that you can get done just by issuing a voice command or a swipe of your finger. Fortunately, the swimming pool industry is not lagging. If you have scheduled a pool renovation in Orlando or you are planning one in the foreseeable future, have you considered turning your pool into a smart pool? Let us check out some of the basic things that a smart pool entail.

1. Automatic Pump

It is important that your pool contains healthy and well-circulated water and this is only possible with the aid of a pump. The pump functions as the heart of your pool, and it is the only way to keep your pool functioning well. However, you will be spending a lot of money if your pool pump is running 24 hours. So instead, what you should do during your pool renovation in Orlando is to get a variable speed pump which you can reduce or increase its speed. Variable speed pumps are energy efficient; you only need to make sure it is Energy Star certified.

2. UV Light

It is common practice to change pool water from time to time, but for a smart pool, you may not need to change your water. All you need is install a UV system that produces ultraviolet light that can destroy bacteria, viruses, algae and a lot of other organic matter or anything that can contaminate your pool. This will eliminate the need for any chemicals thereby saving you money and time.

3. Deal with less chemicals

With a smart pool, you can skip the chemistry class entirely. You will not have to bother about testing the alkalinity or chlorine level of your pool. Given that the pH level of your pool can change without prior notice, it may be difficult to keep up with. There are smart systems that can monitor your pool and adjust the chemical and pH level without your interference. Thus, helping you save money on pool chemicals and the stress involved.

4. Robotic Cleaning

A smart pool as part of your pool renovation in Orlando is not complete without a way to clean your pool automatically. Imagine being able to do other things while your pool robot does all the cleaning your pool needs. You only need to finish with what you are doing and reward yourself with a cool swim.

5. One-touch automatic control

A smart pool should include one-touch access and control to the features of your pool. You should be able to control the pump, lights and other functions with a button. It could be an internet-based system which gives you the choice of controlling your pool from any location with a computer or smart mobile device.

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