4 Clever Pool Renovation Ideas That Won't Cost You A Fortune

4 Clever Pool Renovation Ideas That Won't Cost You A Fortune

4 Clever Pool Renovation Ideas That Won't Cost You A Fortune

Do you feel unhappy with your backyard swimming pool? Probably, you moved in to an apartment that already has a swimming pool, but it was not to your taste, or maybe you installed the pool years ago and now the style look obsolete. Many home owners don’t get the swimming pool they really wanted mainly because of limited budget.

Whatever the reason to put you in such situation, we at All Phase Pool Remodeling, Inc are here to give you pool renovation ideas that won’t break the bank. Below are five pool renovation ideas to consider for an efficient and beautiful swimming pool without spending beyond your budget.

Led Lighting

In most cases, many homeowners just have the ordinary floodlights or some kind of simple pool lighting. If you're considering a pool renovation in Orlando, it is best you upgrade to LED pool lighting. When it comes to energy efficiency and aesthetics, LED pool lighting ranks higher than any other basic pool lighting options available. Installing LED lights to your pool will transform your ordinary pool and give it a refined look. LED lights can be installed anywhere in the pool area even below the water level. LED lights comes in different colors so you have the option to choose the color that suits you.


Pool waterfalls are simple to install and pleasant to the eyes. Installing a waterfall to your existing pool helps in circulating the water and makes your pool look refined and polished. Many homeowners shy away from including a waterfall during their pool renovation in Orlando because they have been poorly informed that waterfalls cost a fortune. Actually, waterfalls can be quite expensive, but there are some relatively cheap and durable options out there you can use if you have a limited budget.


If you think installing a waterfall will burn a huge hole in your pocket, a fountain is the perfect substitute. Although fountains come with almost the same benefits as waterfalls, they are more affordable and quicker to install. Fountains can also be installed with color-changing lights that give a "wow" factor to your swimming pool.

Pool Seats

If you were thinking it is impossible for you to sit down and have a glass of fresh juice without getting out of your pool, then you have to think again because with pool seats you can have your favourite drink without getting out of the comfort of your pool. Pool seats are not your everyday chairs you can just throw into the pool, Pool seats are durable chairs made up of unique plastic that are resistant to swimming pool chemicals. If you are nursing the thought of a pool renovation in Orlando, pool seats should be on your list. They are easy to install, movable and affordable.

Do not be among those who think a pool renovation in Orlando will cost a fortune. You can make your pool classy, polished and refined if you have a small budget. Nevertheless, you will need a reputable pool renovation company if you want an excellent result. For a top-quality pool renovation in Orlando, do not hesitate to call us at All Phase Pool Remodeling on 407-324-2442 or send an email for the best advice for your pool renovation in Orlando or brand-new pool construction.