5 Fun Games You Can Play in Your Pool

5 Fun Games You Can Play in Your Pool

5 Fun Games You Can Play in Your Pool

Pools are one of the coolest highlights of a home. For most adults, there is no better party venue than a luxurious swimming pool. When you ask anyone to tell you the coolest thing to do with a swimming pool, they would most likely talk about throwing a pool party. Unfortunately, you can't throw a kiddies’ pool party every time you want your children to have fun.

If you have children in your home, then you should definitely commit to memorize everything you learn from this article. We would take a look at some very exciting games that are suitable for both kids and adults. You do not need a large pool or extra equipment to enjoy these games and make pool time more enjoyable for you and your family.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. The Whirlpool

Materials required: None.

This game is especially fun when there are up to five or six participants, depending on pool size. All participants swim around the perimeter of the pool in a particular direction for 5 to 10 minutes. The waves would form a mini whirlpool in the water. After doing this, everyone stops and lets the whirlpool carry them round and round. This game works best with shallow pools, to allow your feet to touch the ground.

2. Avoid the ball

Materials required: Large beach ball.

Start by getting everyone to form a large ring in the pool by holding hands. The beach ball is placed in the middle of the ring, where it moves around due to the water waves. The aim of the game is to avoid getting touched by the ball without breaking the ring. Those touched by the ball are immediately eliminated, making it difficult for the remaining to avoid the ball due to the smaller circle.

3. The Mountain King

Materials required: Pool inflatable or Air mattress.

Everyone gets on top of the floating object and tries to push each other off and into the water. It's a lot like the WWE's Royal Rumble but way less violent. The last person remaining on the inflatable object wins. Please ensure all participants are capable of withstanding sudden dips into the pool.

4. Watery Relay

Materials required: Two large buckets, two boogie boards, and two plastic cups.

This is a game that requires that the participants divide themselves into two teams. The teams are given one of each of the items stated above. The goal is for each contestant to fill the cup with water, use the board to swim across the pool and pour water into the bucket on the other side, then swim back to pass the cup over to another team member. The first team to fill their bucket wins the game.

5. Treasure Hunt

Materials needed: Coins or any other shiny and dense material.

Toss the treasure into the pool and have the kids jump in to find them. The game may go on till every single coin is found, or you may use a stopwatch to time it. The kid with the highest number of treasure wins the game.

And that concludes our voyage into the exciting games your kids would absolutely enjoy. Before you try out any of these games, please ensure your pool is clean, safe and large enough for the children to play in.

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