Choosing the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing

Choosing the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing

Choosing the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing

If you've got a pool, which is best? Should you resurface it or remodel it? That depends on the age and condition of your pool in general.

When pools get to be about 15 years old, they generally require at least a resurfacing even if well maintained. When you resurface your pool, you leave it "as is," pretty much, except that you chip out the old pool service on the interior, and then replace it with new.

With a pool resurfacing, the pool is simply drained, the old interior surface is chipped out, and then a new surface is installed. This process relatively inexpensive and is ideal if you like your pool, it's in pretty good condition, and you simply want to keep it up. You can also replace old plaster surfaces, for example, with newer fiberglass surfaces, which generally are a bit more durable.

If you want to remodel your pool, this is going to be a bit more expensive, but it also means that you're going to be able to update your pool in more ways than just refreshing the interior surface. For example, you might want to turn your typical lap pool into a "spa" of sorts, with features that can pamper you, or extra special features like a waterfall for ambiance.

With a pool renovation in Orlando, you can even do a depth conversion, such as turning a diving pool into a play pool for your kids, or adding a bench or step into the pool so that you can sit in warm comfort and watch the kids play.

One of the most important parts of pool renovation in Orlando is that you can often upgrade equipment and controls -- and sometimes, you may need to. Not only is this easier, in that you can automate certain features (like turning on valves, the heater, or activating water chlorinators) so that you don't have to do that manually anymore, but it may be necessary, if pipes are corroding in your older pool so that the pool is falling into disrepair and won't be usable unless repaired. This type of work will generally is generally more expensive but can be more than worth it in the long run.

Which is best?

If your pool is in relatively poor shape, it's probably a better idea to remodel your pool instead of just trying to resurface it. If you try to resurface your pool and it's got other problems besides just needing resurfacing, you may have to rip up your nice new surfacing to repair those problems eventually anyway. However, if your pool is in relatively good shape and it just needs a resurfacing (and you don't want to add extra features to your pool other than those you've got already, or otherwise update it) resurfacing is a better option, because it's going to be much cheaper.

Keeping your pool in good condition

Maintaining a pool properly is going to keep your pool in good condition so that you don't have to resurface or remodel as often. Make sure you keep it up, so that your pool has neither too much chlorine nor too little; too much chlorine or acid can break down your pool walls, and too little can allow algae to grow and put a strain on pool filters, too.

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