Top Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

Top Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

Top Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

Having a swimming pool is a lot of work and it should look clean and ready for you every day. This is only possible if you are maintaining your swimming pool every day. Regular pool maintenance is important to save you from having issues with your pool over time. It’s the same way you always take your car for servicing, by properly maintaining your pool, you save yourself money over the years and reduce the frequency of repairs. Most pool renovation in Orlando can be avoided by following these tips;

1. Create a habit of removing debris from the pool

Skimming the surface of the swimming pool is an activity that should be done daily, no questions asked. If you can afford it, there are many robot vacuums that can clean the bottom of the pool automatically. Skimming the pool everyday also goes along with scrubbing the pool sides. This helps to prevent the growth of algae.

Unlike skimming, you may not need to scrub the pool sides every day. This can be done twice a month or whenever you see any growths around the pool. You can easily take a scrubbing brush and remove any growth to keep your swimming pool side looking pristine and sanitary.

2. Clear out the pool filters

One of the main things that lead to pool renovation in Orlando is clogged filters. Think of your pool filters like the way your kidneys work. The filters trap everything that can pollute the water from leaves to toys or anything. For most swimming pools, you can easily clean the filter by turning it off, removing filter basket and clearing the accumulated debris from there weekly.

Asides from cleaning the filters, you should also backwash the filtration system used by your swimming pool to allow the pipes to get cleaned out. Backwashing can be done once a month to allow all the filter system pipes get cleaned and flushed out of the waste pipe. Monitor the waste pipe until the water ejected is clear to know that the pipes are now clean.

3. Maintain constant chemical levels in the pool

Maintaining a proper chemical balance in a swimming pool is critical to its usage. If the chemical levels of the water are not managed properly, the pool water could become misty and cause skin irritations to the skin and eyes of swimmers. Poorly managed chemical levels could also cause bacteria growths in the pool.

Carry out a test of the pool water at least weekly and check for free chlorine levels, the pH level of the water (acidity or alkalinity), calcium hardness and other common tests recommended by government agencies. Swimming pool chemical testing kits are easy to use and available for purchase at most swimming pool stores. Just put some pool water into the kit and add the testing solutions provided. Once you are able to determine the chemical levels of your oil, you can then know how best to tweak it to optimum levels.

4. Monitor the pool water levels

While lots of pool owners are fastidious in checking the chemical levels of the pool water, there sometimes forget to check the physical water level of the pool. The physical water level of the pool varies depending on the activities in the pool. An ideal water level for the pool is just midway across the opening of the pool skimmer. If you notice that the water level is low, you can channel more water to increase the level by using a garden hose.

Likewise, if you notice that the water level is too high, you can borrow a pump from a hardware store to pump out some of the water. Once you adjust the water levels, you should also check for the chemical levels just to be sure that the change in water volume has not affected them overly.

5. Power washing the pool deck

Power washing or pressure washing is highly recommended for the area surrounding your pool. Because of the constant humidity and dirt around the area, regular sweeping may not work for it. Power washers are able to remove the dirt on the surface of the pool deck as well as clean out stains caused by weather. Keeping the deck area clean helps to reduce the amount of pool renovation in Orlando that you have to do.

Before pressure washing your deck area, be sure to sweep clean first to remove dirt, leaves and other materials so that they don’t get moved into the pool. Regular power washing also keeps the deck shining and prevents rust or moisture streaks that can cause discoloration of the flooring materials.

6. Carry out an annual service check by a professional

At least once a year, your efforts at maintaining your pool should be supported by a professional opinion. This is particularly critical because of the mechanical equipment that run the pool. These equipment need to be checked by a pool specialist to make sure that everything is okay and parts that are worn out or showing signs of damage are repaired before they cause further damage.

During the year, try to keep a journal of every issue you’ve observed with the pool. This includes leaks in the pipe system, irregular sounds from the machinery, changes in the smell or appearance of the water and any other thing you may have noticed. This will help the serviceman know what to look out for during his inspection.

Sometimes, you may feel like there’s no need for a professional inspection as everything seems fine but do not be tempted to cancel out. Keeping your pool running in an efficient way is the easiest way to prevent pool renovation in Orlando.

Final thoughts

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