Top Cheap Pool Renovation Ideas To Consider

Top Cheap Pool Renovation Ideas To Consider

Top Cheap Pool Renovation Ideas To Consider

Because of the high temperatures in Orlando, most homes have a swimming pool. It is important to ensure that your swimming pool is always in optimal condition and often there is always the need to carry out repairs. Pool renovation in Orlando is something that happens quite frequently and there are many ways to get it done within budget.

There are so many reasons you may want to renovate your pool and depending on the scale of renovation, you might spend as little as you have budgeted or more sometimes. The reasons you might want to renovate may include modernizing or adding some new features to the pool.

Pool renovation in Orlando can be done by experts who are specialize in pool maintenance, and you can find them all over Orlando. Pool renovation when done right can bring a whole new lease of life to your swimming pool.

Now we are going to share ways you can renovate your pool to meet up to standard with a minimal budget provided the pool has not undergone structural damages.

1. Adding LED Lighting

Now you can upgrade the lighting system of your swimming pool if it already has lighting system to LED system. LED Lighting systems are efficient and save energy in comparison with other lighting systems.

In time, the cost of installing the LED lighting system will become financially wise as the amount of energy you spend in lighting your pool will decrease with these energy saving LEDs. There are different colors of LED lighting, and you can use a combination of these colors to beautify your pool.

2. Resurfacing the pool

Resurfacing your pool can be capital intensive, but in the long run, it can be regarded as a worthwhile project. Resurfacing involves replacing the surface of the pool with materials that are not eroded easily. An integral part of pool renovation in Orlando is the use of aggregate stone in resurfacing of pools, replacing a much-outdated plaster finish. The aggregate finish which is usually a mixture of stones and other materials is more modern and gives a more beautiful touch than the plaster surface. It is not expensive in renovating your pool surface with aggregate finish materials.

3. Updating the waterline tiles

Now if you really want to give your swimming pool a complete facelift, why not try changing the waterline tiles along with resurfacing? This will give your pool a finished new appearance, and makes it more attractive, having a new look. These renovations are not that expensive because they do not involve structural renovation of the pool.

4. Change to a salt water system

One of the reasons we carry out pool renovation is to lay down more cost-effective systems, reducing cost of maintaining the swimming pool. Pool renovations in Orlando are now following the trend of a salt water system in preference to the fresh water system. This is because the salt water system is more cost-effective and easy to maintain, as you will no longer be adding chlorine to the water as in the case with a fresh water system. The salt water system comes with chlorine, and it is believed that the salt water system is healthier for the skin. The salt water system also helps in preventing the natural build-up of germs and preventing wearing out of materials used in building the pool.

5. Adding sprinklers and water features

Another popular cost-efficient trend in pool renovation in Orlando is adding sprinklers and other features to beautify a swimming pool. While these may add more cost to maintaining the pool, regarding electricity bills, repairs, it may not be that expensive to install in your swimming pool. It will also create a livelier atmosphere in your swimming pool and add more color, beautifying the swimming pool.

6. Going green and using more economic features

With the advancement of technology, there are new features you can add to your pool that will reduce the cost of maintaining the pool over time. You can reduce your electric bill by using solar energy in your pool. Solar energy is a common feature during pool renovations in Orlando alongside the use of filters to reduce the overall costs of maintenance and keep the pool running effectively.

7. Installing an automated system in your swimming pool

Technology has become an important part of pool renovation in Orlando, as pool owners are now making the use of advanced technology to properly manage their swimming pool effectively. There are so many advanced technology advancements, you should consider in renovating your pool such as robots for cleaning your pool, automatic pool covers, automated filters, sprinkler, advanced draining and water pumping systems and so much more. These automated systems, when installed provide efficient maintenance, keep the pool cleaner and more fun to use. The cost of adding these new features is cost effective on the long run.

8. Recycling water systems

One of the most cost-effective ways of maintaining your swimming pool in accordance with environment law is the recycling of your water system. You should install the right equipment that will ensure that when cleaning up your pool, the water is properly drained and if possible recycled back into the swimming pool after undergoing some treatment. This is environmental friendly to prevent wasting of water and ensure that the drained water does not end up causing damages or clogging up around the environment.

9. Dirt vacuuming systems

You can easily maintain your pool, keeping it clean and sparkling by installing a dirt vacuuming system. One of the main concerns of pool owners is dirt on the surface of the pool. But you can install a vacuum cleaner that recycles the water and captures the dirt in the process. Do not view this as an extra cost in pool renovation, because on the long run they reduce the expenses spent on cleaning the pool.

Spending money to do some of these renovations almost always save you money in the long run.