Pool Renovation: All you need to know

Pool Renovation: All you need to know

Pool Renovation: All you need to know

There is nothing sadder than an old abandoned pool in the garden of a family home. If you do not maintain a pool properly, it slowly begins to fall apart and soon becomes unusable. A renovation is a necessary and essential step in the life of a swimming pool. One day or another, it will need a refurbishment.

Whatever their forms or their materials, swimming pools degrade over time, either by the action of ultraviolet radiation from the sun or by water, micro-organisms or users. No matter the reason why, a pool renovation in Orlando must be done if you want to lengthen the lifespan of the pool over several summers.

Why is a pool renovation in Orlando one of the most recommended activities in the summer? There are many reasons and we will be looking through some of them.

1. Keep your pool in top shape

To remain efficient, certain elements of the pool must imperatively be replaced or renovated. This is the case of the lining, which guarantees the waterproofing, the lifetime of which can vary from 3 to 30 years depending on its nature (paint, plaster, liner, tile, polyester, etc.). This does not necessarily mean keeping the same. It is entirely possible to replace a liner with an armored membrane, paint by a plaster or to cover a plaster by a tiling.

This review (which we advise you to entrust to a specialist in Pool renovation in Orlando) will also be the occasion to replace some elements by others more efficient, either because the first ones show signs of weakness or because the second ones can help you to manage routine maintenance better.

2. Save on pool-related costs

A pool renovation is also an opportunity to save on water, electricity and maintenance costs. First by replacing the material aging by new, more efficient and less energy-consuming. In the case of filtration, hydraulic circuits or cleaning devices, for example.

Then, possibly reducing the depth and surface of the basin. The volume of water will be reduced, and you will save on all aspects: maintenance, heating, filtration. The swimming pool will also gain in aesthetics: the swimming pool with staircase and inclined plane are more in today's trend than the tanks in "vats" where you have to dive in. Choosing to do a pool renovation in Orlando today is one sure way of spending money now

3. Improve the comfort of the pool

Reducing the volume of your pool will also make it more practical to use (stairs, sloping bottom). And the water will warm up more quickly after winter.

In general, a pool renovation in Orlando is a chance to take care of all the small issues that do not require a quick intervention: little leakage of water, material breakage, the filtration system that has defects, degradation of the coating, so that you can finally enjoy your pool to the fullest.

It is also an opportunity to replace certain elements with more practical ones. And why not invest in a remote maintenance system controllable from your smartphone? There are so many new technologies available now that you can include into your pool during the renovation project.

4. Increase the aesthetics of the pool

Renovation is the opportunity to refresh the pool by giving it a new style. This concerns the size, the shape, the interior decoration, the luminous atmosphere, the beach or the harmony with the technical room.

5. New pool equipment

The last point is that you will save money by doing all the work you want at one time rather than spreading it over time. Emptying the basin does not affect the water bill and the availability of the pool. So why not take advantage of a replacement coating to consider installing a backup heating or swimming system, shelter or automatic coverage?

So, if you want to give a youthful touch to your pool, and increase comfort and well-being, we offer some solutions for the renovation of your private swimming pool.

Equipment for renovation

The pool liner

The pool liner is an essential part of renovating since it is the lining that gives color to the water of your pool. Choose from a wide range: classic blue, beige, mint, grey to provide it with a contemporary touch.

The edges

When renovating a pool, nothing gives a new look better than replacing the edges, as these are of great importance to the overall finish of a pool and improves its aesthetics. Installing anti-slip material on the edges also guarantees the safety of those using the pool and will prevent many falls.

The pool beach

There are several possibilities for you. The wooden beach is trendy for its aesthetics and naturalness. Moreover, it integrates perfectly in the green environment of the garden and adapts to any shape. The trend of the moment is to combine wood and paving. The assembly of these two materials will allow you to have a modern style which creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

You can also opt for composite sheets, which look almost the same as wood while requiring less maintenance.

The blanket

Easy to install and handle, the blanket protects the pool against external contamination, retains heat from the water and prevents evaporation, and gives your pool better security.

The heat pump

Gain heat and control certain equipment. The heat pump allows you to prolong the bathing season and enjoy more.

The pool cover

This is an ideal equipment to buy as it is very complete, the cover provides greater comfort. The pool will be protected from wind, leaves, so you will be completely safe (when the deck is closed, children will no longer have access to the pool), and the water temperature will be maintained.

The multifunctional pool ladders

This is an essential material for the renovation of your swimming pool: the swimming pool ladders give style and allow you to enjoy a great comfort. Massage jets, heated space at 34 degrees, and aromatherapy offer you relaxation at home, whenever you want.

Lighting and decoration

The change of scenery sometimes allows you to feel like you are somewhere else. Renew the plants around the pool and decorate with proper lighting and beautiful furnishings.

Final words

Handling a pool renovation in Orlando can be a lot of work but it gets easier if you go into it knowing what you to expect. Speak to an expert on Pool renovations in Orlando to help make the right choice so that you can get the best value for money as well as the most functionality from the project.