9 Tips to Help You Save Money on Pool Maintenance

9 Tips to Help You Save Money on Pool Maintenance

9 Tips to Help You Save Money on Pool Maintenance

There is no such thing has having too much money. This is why a lot of people are always looking out for ways to earn extra income, or to save a little more money by having their expenses reduced. Taking care of your pool through pool renovation in Orlando can cost you some amount of money and this is fine if you make use of the right services. The advantages of pool remodeling far outweighs the cost. But when it comes to regular pool maintenance, there are ways in which you can reduce the amount of money you spend.

This article would introduce you to 9 different methods and techniques that could save you some extra money and still provide you with the best results.

1. Save pool water

Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t an abundant supply of water in the world. You really don’t have to have your pool water refilled as often as you do. Not if you make use of the following water saving techniques. Water loss can be as a result of evaporation, filter, backwashing, splash outs and leaks.

There are many ways to combat the problem of unnecessary water loss. These include making use of a solar cover, making sure your water level is low, repairing leaks on time and regulating your backwashing.

2. Regular maintenance

Neglecting your pool can have lot of negative consequences on the state of your pool. The result is that you then have to spend a whole lot more than you would have spent on proper maintenance. Cutting too many corners when it comes to pool care can lead to your pool being overrun with algae. This can be quite expensive to fully remedy.

Always make sure you clean, shock and brush your pool at least once in a week. Testing and analyzing your pool to maintain chemical balance is also a very important way to save money.

3. Turn off water features when not in use

Some pools have features that make their use more enjoyable to their owners. While these features are quite beautiful to behold, they consume a lot of energy, in case you’ve been wondering why your bills have been so high since you installed that waterfall and deck jet.

In order to avoid these annoying costs, it would be prudent to turn off these features when they are not needed or at least whenever you are away from home.

4. Avoid unnecessary filter use

This one is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to run your pool filters for 24 hours every day. A lot for money can be taken off your electricity costs if you reduce the number of hours you leave your filters on. Try to determine the hours of the day when your pool is in use and use this information to set the time frame when your filter should be used.

5. Over-cleaning

While keeping your pool neat and clean still remains a priority, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by overdoing it. Letting your automatic cleaners run excessively or applying chemicals too frequently can adversely affect your pocket.

Do your very best to learn what resources your pool needs and how frequently to apply them. A proper knowledge of the quantity of chemicals to use on your swimming pool is also recommended.

6. Turn down the temperature of your heater

The use of a heater on your pool can greatly improve the experience you get whenever you use it, especially in the winter period. But one thing worth remembering is that the higher the temperature you set your heater to, the more cost you incur.

Avoid turning up the heater to an excessively high temperature when the pool is not in use. Maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature during these periods is recommended to help you save some extra money.

7. Store vacuum heads properly

A good number of pool owners complain about having to replace their vacuum heads too frequently. This should not come as a surprise as vacuum heads that are not properly stored tend to develop faults as time goes on. And the worst part is they can be expensive to replace.

To keep your vacuum head in the best possible condition, you should always store it upside down and away from direct sunlight. Always, you should keep it away from chlorine during the winter season.

8. Use baking soda rather than alkalinity

A lot of pool experts agree that baking soda has the ability to increase the alkalinity of your pool water. This is great news as baking soda is considerably cheaper than your average alkalinity increaser.

So, the next time you need to increase the alkalinity of your pool water by a small amount, apply baking soda to it. But make sure you apply only little amounts as it is powdery and may cloud your pool.

9. Shock your pool every week

At one point or the other, you may be tempted to skip the task of having to shock your pool for a particular week. Do not fall into such a self-dug hole. A lot can happen in a week, and it is possible to find your pool green and dirty by the weekend. This would mean you would have to shock your pool with bleach or chlorine at least three times more than you normally would. And these things cost a fair amount of money to purchase.

Make sure you do prevent this from happening by shocking your pool at least once in a week. Once you maintain a very clean and neat swimming pool, you would be surprised by how little you have to spend on pool care.

Save yourself some unnecessary expenses by following these tips and tricks. Now you can keep your pool healthy and clean and save money doing it. This knowledge has been made available to you by the company that’s number one when it comes to pool renovation in Orlando, All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc. Visit http://allphasepoolremodeling.com for more information about our unique services.